Maggie II Radio A Sessions

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Prior to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, WOUB recorded a number of regional bands performing in our Radio A Studio space. Some of the sessions were recorded almost two years ago, and WOUB Culture is proud to finally present them, like an artifact from the distant past. 


Hailing from Gallipolis, Maggie emanates a sleek, anthemic, sonically dense energy anchored by driving percussion and soaring, lustrous guitar riffs. The band brought their distinct stylings to WOUB’s Radio A in 2019, recording renditions of three originals in the studio.

Maggie launched into their set with “Coal,” a passionate, melancholic musical reflection on the scarring of Appalachia by its most exploitative industry and the clamoring echo of its associated generational trauma. They followed it up with “Dirty Floors,” a modern dithyramb of sorts dedicated to a peculiarly Appalachian flavor of hopeless romanticism. Maggie closed their Radio A set with “Wildfire,” a pensive anthem to the simultaneous might of a mountainous landscape and the raucous human emotional dramas capable of playing out within it.

Keep tabs on Maggie on Facebook and on their website.