Hocking Hills Music Festival 2021 WOUB Culture Interviews: Parker Louis

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Columbus-based artist Parker Louis will perform at the Hocking Hills Music Festival Saturday, October 9. Louis made time for a brief Q&A with WOUB’s Emily Votaw in advance of the performance.

Parker Louis
Parker Louis (

WOUB Culture: What is your first musical memory?

Parker Louis: My first musical memory. Wow. Um, well I guess probably just traveling with my mom and dad on vacations and in the car and just listening to music, which was always a big part of the trip. Hearing things like Andrew Lloyd Webber and Nat King Cole and Frank Sinatra. So far as earliest memories go, I have a cousin of mine who is a songwriter down in Nashville and she would always play music at our family gatherings, which was always a really special thing for me to see and watch. She also definitely inspired me to start playing, and to really get into music. She was one of the only other family members that really plays music and still does so professionally.

WOUB Culture: What’s going on with Parker Louis professionally right now that is really exciting to you?

Parker Louis: I have some new music on horizon. We’re going to try to put out a couple of songs before the end of the year. We’re finishing up some new stuff that’s really close to being done, and we will definitely play some of that stuff at the Hocking Hills Music Festival. So, that’s the big news, we’re trying to release some new music before the end of the year. But, we’re always working on new things. I love recording — I’m a little bit of a studio rat.