Playoff Frontrunner Piketon Trounces Conference Rival Adena

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PIKETON, Ohio (WOUB) — Hoping to keep their undefeated streak alive, the Piketon Redstreaks went face to face and flag for flag with the Adena Warriors on Friday night, defeating them 51-20.

Opening kickoff ensues as Adena starts with the ball. After a few plays, a long pass from quarterback Andrew Vickers to Clay Wilt, sets the Warriors up first and goal. Running back Nathan Dreitzler takes the ball into the end zone for the score and a completed two-point conversion puts the Warriors in the lead, 8-0.

On the first Piketon drive, with about six and a half minutes left in the half, Redstreaks’ quarterback Levi Gullion takes the ball himself into the end zone and gets the two-point conversion himself to tie the game at eight.

Following an Adena punt, the Redstreaks drive down the field once again and cap it off with a 27-yard catch and run touchdown by Kydan Potts, with a nice juke for good measure. Their second two-point conversion of the night would be successful, making the lead 14-8, and a flag on the play by Adena would be enforced on the kickoff.

A second straight drive would end in a punt for Adena. Piketon went on their next drive and a screen pass from Gullion to Camren Loar would make its way all the way down to about the two-yard line, but a penalty on the Redstreaks would bring the ball back. The drive was later capped off with a punt by Gullion himself.

The second quarter begins with an Adena drive where Gabe Stark would carry the ball for a 12-yard gain and eventually leave the Warriors with a fourth down and short situation. The Warriors take a timeout for good measure and decide to go for the first down, but Zane Brownfield made the stop, setting up the Redstreaks with first down on the Adena 20-yard line.

A big play from Camren Loar had the Redstreaks’ offense first and goal, and Gullion would throw another touchdown pass, again to Potts. This time, however, the two-point conversion would be no good. With a little over ten minutes left in the second quarter, the Redstreaks led 22-8.

On the next Adena drive, two big plays by the offense would set up the Warriors with first and goal. Two plays later, third and goal, the Redstreaks would get another flag to make the distance to the goal line a little easier for Adena. Gabe Stark would take it into the end zone, while also getting a little shaken up on the play. The Warriors’ two-point attempt would be no good, but a flag on Piketon would lead to a second chance, this one also being no good, Piketon still leads 22-14 with just under five and a half minutes left in the half.

Adena kicks off and John Burton would have a big return, yet another flag would back the Redstreaks up to their own 20-yard line. A couple plays later, and A couple plays later and Gullion would have a big run, but more flags on the play would move the Redstreaks back. Fourth down for the Redstreaks and they would punt with more penalty flags flying, this time it was one flag on each time, making them offsetting.

Adena’s next drive and a holding call moves the Warriors back, and on second down, Zane Brownfield for the Redstreaks picks off Andrew Vickers. Levi Gullion would have a 14-yard run, leading to a touchdown pass to Camren Loar, who would also convert the two-point conversion. The Redstreaks’ lead would be extended to 30-14, and that would be the score going into halftime.

Piketon received the ball after half and the ball is returned to about midfield, setting up the Redstreaks in good field position. Levi Gullion would run the ball himself down to the Adena 13-yard line, where he could complete a pass to John Burton for a touchdown. Two point-conversion pass would be caught by Kydan Potts, extended the lead to 38-14.

Adena’s next drive would be riddled by penalties. A flag on back-to-back plays would lead to a fourth down, where another flag would be thrown. The Warriors were forced to punt the ball back to the Redstreaks instead of going for the first down.

A big run by Jayden Thacker on the next Redstreaks drive would set them up with a first down. On the next play, Gullion would throw a touchdown pass to Camren Loar, but it would be taken back by another flag. A couple plays later, Gullion would be intercepted by Garrett Britton with 7:23 left in the third quarter.

On the Warriors’ next drive, they would be unable to move the chains and were forced to punt on fourth down, but the punt was blocked by Piketon and recovered by Matthew Mustard for the Redstreaks.

On the ensuing Redstreaks’ drive, Camren Loar would score another touchdown that would be called back by a penalty flag. Later in the drive, a pass to Kydan Potts would lead to another touchdown for the Redstreaks, the two-point attempt would be no good, and the lead would be 44-14 with 3:56 left in the third quarter and would stay that way going into the fourth quarter.

After a Warriors punt, the Redstreaks get the ball back, and soon after they would score another touchdown Jayden Thacker. The extra point kick would be good, leading to a 51-14 lead for Piketon.

Adena gets the ball back where they would be able to drive down the field, capping off the drive with a touchdown run by Austin Magill, shortening the lead a little bit and bringing it to 51-20, where the game would end.

The Piketon Redstreaks would have trouble getting out of their own way with penalties but would still manage to dominate on both sides of the ball. Piketon hopes to clean up the penalties and keep the momentum going next week, when the travel to take on the Westfall Mustangs.