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Bishop Rosecrans defeats Miller in battle for Region 27 playoff spot

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CORNING, Ohio (WOUB) — On senior night at Miller high school, the Falcons took on Bishop Rosecrans in this week ten matchup. With these teams ranked 14th and 15th in the region, they both showed up to the game ready for a win despite the pouring rain.

The game had a slow start. Both teams’ opening drives came up empty handed. The Falcons drive the ball all the way to Bishops 20-yard line before turning it over on downs. Despite the effort to get down the field, both teams end the first quarter with no touchdowns.

Into the second quarter, Miller gets two penalties for pass interference but the Bishops continue to pick up the energy. Brendan Bernath throws the ball up to Weston Hartman, making a thrilling 19-yard touchdown catch over the Miller defender.

Halfway through the second quarter, Miller started to pick up the offense.  Miller answers with a score of their own on a 13-yard touchdown by Tre McCoy. On the 2-point conversion, Logan Doughty connects with Quin McCabe for two points, making the score 8-7 in favor of the Falcons.

For a coming third touchdown in less than eight minutes, the Bishops came back on top with a successful game plan. Brendan Bernath makes his second score of the game with a 20-yard pass to Garrett Pugh, putting the Bishops back in the lead. 2-point conversion is no good.

With lots of action in the second quarter, Miller scores yet again as Brendan Bernath makes his third score of the game. He scrambles and finds wide open Tommy Bernath for a 15-yard touchdown for Miller, making the score 19-8.

Coming out for the second half, Brendan Bernath continued to stay on fire, scoring yet another touchdown of the night halfway through the third quarter. He made his fourth score of the night with a five-yard touchdown pass on 3rd and goal, giving the Bishops a significant lead 26-8.

The Falcons spirit in the stadium stayed strong throughout the night, but it is going to take a game of catch-up for Miller. The Bishops did not let anything phase them towards getting another touchdown. Rex Hankinson is fearless as he carries the ball 37 yards down the sideline to score a touchdown. Putting the Bishops in a strong lead 33-8.

With less than a minute in the first quarter, the Falcons make one last touchdown before the end of their special night. Tre McCoy adds a late touchdown on a long touchdown run. 2-point conversion is no good. The exciting night comes to an end, with a fierce lead from the Bishops 33-14. With this win, Rosecrans secures the 15-seed in Region 27 and will play Berne Union in Week 11.