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The impacts of the Rittenhouse acquittals are analyzed by a judge and legal analyst

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Judge Gayle Williams Byers, a black female judge in Northeastern Ohio, and Tom Hodson, Spectrum host and legal analyst, break down the impact of the Kyle Rittenhouse acquittals on the judicial system, on the black community and on the future of peaceful protest.

While both respect the sanctity of the jury’s verdicts, they highlight advantages in the trial process that were given to Rittenhouse. They discuss the judge’s behavior and some of his rulings along with the inherent racism and white privilege that permeate our judicial process across the country.

Judge Byers states that if Rittenhouse had been black that the verdicts would probably be much different, and he would have been convicted instead of released.

She recounts the fear that these verdicts have caused black parents who worry about their children and their relationships with both police and militia-type people armed with high powered weapons.

Hodson expresses concerns that the verdicts will weaponize people who are anti-peaceful protests and put future protestors at risk for violent retribution.

Both claim that the verdicts and the weaponization of anti-protestors will result in a “chilling effect” on free speech and the constitutional right to peacefully protest.

Judge Byers and Hodson both express fear that Rittenhouse will become the new “poster boy” for the alt-right and militaristic fascist groups in the country and that violence will increase, as a result.