Radio Free Athens DJ Terra Era shares what she’s been listening to all year

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It’s that time of year again! WOUB Culture has reached out to a variety of folks involved in various capacities with the music and arts throughout WOUB’s diverse coverage region to inquire: “what have you been listening to this year, my friend?” Find their answers on WOUB Culture all throughout the month of December. 


Terra White is a community DJ on Radio Free Athens, bringing 11 years of live radio experience to the airwaves. Her show airs every-other-Saturday on WOUB-AM from 3 p.m. – 6 p.m., but be sure to listen every Saturday, too, because each DJ creates fantastic radio shows that shouldn’t be missed. Terra is also a second year graduate student in the Film Studies MA program at OU. 

Madam Data – “The Gospel of the Devourer”

Madam Data delivers a Space Opera drone/noise concept album for the ages. Adventures in the super real. I had a great time with this album, both writing papers to it and hypnotizing the airwaves of Radio Free Athens with Madam Data’s ethereal noise mastery. This is a space opera you do not want to miss.

All proceeds go to The Coalition for Black Trans Economic Liberation in Philadelphia:

From the album notes:

“rejoice, sister; rejoice, sibling,

tonight my knife shall drink the blood of God

I will stain my teeth on His entrails

and wear his flesh as the cloak of eternity,

so our children may know the paths of the stars

eat lightly;

when the Pretender’s angel comes

to feast on the children of Gomorrah, our blood will boil from his insides

and he will know eternal

and untold suffering

He wars against the people of the light:

He sends armies to burn our cities

His Empire is vast and touches all galaxies

when our corpses fill the void, crushing the stars themselves,

only then will he know blood and gravity,

and weep.”

Mick Jenkins – “Elephant in the Room”

In late October, Mick Jenkins released his third full-length studio album and showed us that The Healing Component rapper continues to be timeless. Following the redefining collab single “Sleep” with Markis Precise in April, this album shows Mick still evolving and pushing the limits of his THC philosophy. Drink More Water. Favorite tracks: DUI, Scottie Pippen, Rug Burn

Arca – “kick ii,” “kick iii,” “kick iiii” & “kick iiiii”

On December 3, Arca blesses us with a feast of four full albums, each illuminating a different liberative psychosexual state of consciousness. Following last year’s “kick i,” we have eagerly awaited the promised continuation of this series. No one expected all four at the same time. Praise be.

Erika de Casier – “Sensational”

Coming off the heels of her impressive 2019 debut album, “Essentials,” Erika de Casier graces us once more with Sensational, a fantastic blend of early ’00s R&B and the minimalist electronica vibes of the late ’10s. I had this one on repeat when it dropped in May, the soundtrack to my comedown from the spring semester. I couldn’t resist bumping it all summer as I travelled around and through New England’s many landscapes.
Favorite tracks: Call Me Anytime, Insult Me, Secretly

Tipper – “Insolito” EP

The master returns. Tipper employs an encyclopedic knowledge of electronic music to create a new set of tunes that will methodically vibrate your entire being, under a design that mere mortals will likely struggle to comprehend. This was a great soundtrack for the trick-or-treaters this year. If you get a chance to see Tipper perform live, do not pass it up.
Favorite tracks: C’est la VIP, SinBanshee

Evil – ‘Wrecked,’ ‘Broken Wing’ singles

Formerly known as Babeo Baggins, Evil had a great string of releases over the last two years. Following December 2019’s self-titled EP, they released three singles in 2020: the brilliant ‘A Child Shamed’ and two covers, Elliot Smith’s ‘Somebody That I Used to Know’ and Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Landslide.’ In addition, working under the name of Smoke King with their longtime musical partner, Simpson, they released a song called ‘Paper Bag’ that will remain in rotation til the day I die. This year, we received two more lilting singles showing the former rapper blooming into their ultimate angel-devil country-banjo form. Check out 2013’s Barf Troop for this villain’s origin story.

Angel Haze – “Girl with the Gun” EP

Angel Haze began 2021 by releasing the hard-hitting single ‘Weight,’ the last in a long line of powerful singles that dot the landscape since their last full-length album from 2015, Back to the Woods. Now, we vibe out to this EP full of lyrical sorcery, electrifying beats, and tender moments. Their return is a very, very welcome one.
Favorite tracks: Ministry, Bullet

Mykki Blanco – “Broken Hearts & Beauty Sleep” EP

Another hard-hitter makes their triumphant return. This EP knows what you want and works it. Diverse-but-precise tempos, summer jams, melancholy musings, and a whole lotta love. It’s all here. I’m glad Mykki is back with new music—though I’ll never get tired of ‘Wavvy’ on repeat.
Favorite tracks: Summer Fling, Love Me, Want From Me

The Halluci Nation – “One More Saturday Night”

Formerly known as A Tribe Called Red, the dance music masters return with this full-length album that explores their native identities more deeply, taking on this new moniker that was the title of their previous album, ‘The Halluci Nation.’ With stunning guest vocals from Chippewa Travellers, Keith Secola, Tanya Tagaq, Cree Canadian MP Romeo Saganash and many others, this album is home to myriad voices. The beats never relent; impossible not to get up and dance.
Favorite tracks: Tanokumbia, Mother Mother, Takarita

Zeal and Ardor – ‘Run,’ ‘Erase,’ ‘Bow,’ ‘Gotterdammerung’ singles

In the lead-up to their self-titled album’s release, Zeal and Ardor have granted us four brilliant singles in the last seven months. The formula’s been turned up quite a few notches on these songs, presenting unrelenting walls of sound that demand to be played at the highest volume and best fidelity you can possibly find. Self-titled album out on February 11, 2022. 211222.

2020 Pandemic Honorable Mentions:
Lauren Bousfield – “Palimpsest”

Mad genius Lauren Bousfield brings us avant-garde electronic music that will paradoxically pump you up and make you wistful at the same time.
Favorite tracks: “Birds Falling Out of the Sky,” “Crawling into a Fireplace Cackling”

Jasmine Infiniti – “Bxtch Släp”

One of the greatest NYC club DJs delivers the goods. Dark, pulsing club bangers. One after another. BE Ready.
Favorite tracks: “Queen of Hell (Intro),” “YES, SIR,” “Demonhole”

Jakk da Rhymer – “Open” EP

Currently based in Philadelphia, Jakk grant us a super catchy set of rap songs that employ dark lyrics just as much as bubbly beats. Nice to see him and his Dark Chip Syndicate emerge from the shadows. Perhaps the best music Jakk has made since The 3rd Kind’s ‘The Yellow Tape.’ RIP Capital Steez.
Favorite tracks: No Complaint, Code

Chester Watson – “A Japanese Horror Film”

Chester’s 2014 album, Tin Wooki, still stands the test of time, but his new work pushes his abilities to the max. This is a concept album that sounds like it should soundtrack an old Kurosawa film. Look out for guest vocals from Dua Saleh.
Favorite tracks: “Sunken Place,” “Daydreams”

Jessie Ware – “What’s Your Pleasure?”

Does this album cement Jessie Ware as the true queen of pop? Who cares. It’s so delicious.
Favorite tracks: “Ooh La La,” “Soul Control,” “The Kill”

Richard Orofino – “Spell” EP

Bedroom dream pop to lift the spirit. I still have “Skinfall” on repeat 🙂
Favorite track: “Skinfall”