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WOUB Employee Spotlight: Brand Visual Identity Supervisor Seann Anderson

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Anderson has worked at WOUB since 2018

ATHENS, OH – As a native of southeastern Ohio, WOUB Brand Visual Identity Supervisor Seann Anderson knows how important the work he does at WOUB is to the people of the region. Due to the rural nature of the area, Anderson understands that WOUB is the only media many can access.

“The work we do at WOUB is important, and my designs are seen by hundreds of thousands of people,” said Anderson.

Anderson grew up in Marietta. He earned a Bachelor of Art in Graphic Design from Marietta College and has taken some graduate level coursework in Interactive Media at Ohio University.

“I’ve been a professional graphic designer for 20 years. I’ve owned my own design business, worked for small, local organizations, and spent several years doing brand management and graphic design for a multi-platform, publicly traded company,” said Anderson. “Each experience helped prepare me for the role I have now with WOUB. This job doesn’t have a typical routine; it changes every day. This typically a-typical routine is perhaps the best description of what it means to be a designer. You have to evolve and adapt to the needs of the moment.”

Anderson started working at WOUB in 2018 and says the job has been a great fit.

“Creative types, like me, typically hate jobs with routine and repetition. At WOUB, there is such variety in the work we do and the projects we support that I genuinely look forward to coming to work,” said Anderson. “Being challenged to learn new techniques and tools has been exciting, and I love that we get to help students discover their passion for design and media.”

Since Anderson is a social person, the pandemic and separation from co-workers has been difficult for him.

“It’s weird for me to think that there are co-workers I haven’t seen in person in nearly two years,” said Anderson.

But Anderson is trying to focus on what he can control and enjoying his “guilty pleasures” in life.

“I love tattoos. I got my first tattoo when I was 37, a tribute piece to my late father and followed it up with a tribute piece to my late mother. True to my artistic nature, I quickly fell in love with tattoo as a medium for expression and now have full ‘sleeves’ on both arms. I’m planning for my first leg piece in June,” said Anderson. “Oh, and Lady Gaga is also a guilty pleasure.”