CNBC Director David Jones says his career started with a paid position at WOUB

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Jones graduated from Ohio University in 1986

ATHENS, OH – CNBC Television Director David Jones says that being able to work as a paid employee at a PBS member television station while he was in college was crucial to launching his career.

“When I put on my resumé that I was a paid, hired employee of a professional TV station, that showed potential employers that I did the leg work, and I understood what I had to do. Working at WOUB was critical. It gave me a head start when I first got out of school.”

Jones grew up near Athens in Jackson, Ohio. He wasn’t sure what he wanted to do when he got to Ohio University. But it didn’t take long for him to figure things out.

“I probably shouldn’t admit this,” said Jones laughing. “But I thought that a television production looked like a job I could do and not have to wear a suit!”

Jones started working at WOUB during his freshman year. He got involved operating studio cameras and eventually directing newscasts.

“In my junior and senior years, I stayed over school breaks and got paid to work at WOUB. That paid experience was invaluable.”

When Jones graduated in June of 1986, he was hired as a production assistant at WBNS in Columbus.

“It was an entry level position where I was floor managing and running the teleprompter,” said Jones. “I eventually worked my way up and was directing the late-night movie show, Nite Owl Theatre.”

But Jones wanted to do more directing. So, after three years in Columbus, he moved on. Jones worked as a director in Oklahoma, Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Ohio, and Rhode Island, before landing in Hartford, Connecticut in 1998.

“I was living halfway between Hartford and New York City,” said Jones. “So, I started doing freelance work in the city. One of my freelance jobs was with MSNBC and that led to a full-time position at CNBC.”

Currently Jones is the director for Fast Money and Options Action along with CNBC’s online programming portfolio.

“I love directing television news style programming,” said Jones. “In college, directing WOUB’s nightly news program, NewsWatch, was the brass ring. I’m so thankful I got the opportunity to do that. It prepared me for where I am today.”