Holocaust survivors partner with songwriters in “We Remember: Songs of Survivors” – April 26 at 8 pm

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New One-Hour Special

We Remember: Songs of Survivors to premiere April 26, 2022 on PBS

Witness the Healing Powers of Music and friendship As Holocaust Survivors Share Their Stories with Songwriters


PBS announces We Remember: Songs of Survivors, a one-hour special celebrating the live of Holocaust survivors through storytelling and music.  the documentary will premiere the week of Yom HaShoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day, on Tuesday, April 26 at 8:00 pm.

Younger woman asks older woman if she’ll share in her operetta-stylesong by singing a solo.
Songwriter Elizabeth Clark asks Friede Holocaust survivor Freide Gorewitz if she’ll share in her operetta-stylesong by singing a solo. (Freide was formerly a popular opera singer.)

We Remember: Songs of Survivors follows four talented singer-songwriters in New York’s Hudson Valley tasked with creating original songs about the experiences of local Holocaust survivors. The film documents the relationships that develop and the songwriting process over many months,culminating in an emotional live concert where the survivors and songwriters are celebrated by friends,family and the community.

“At a time when the word is faced with the horrors of war and hatred, we wanted to tell the hopeful story of perseverance and love,” sail Ilene Cutler, co=producer of We Remember: Songs of Survivors.

man playing "Shofar" a long animla horn shaped instrument
Holocaust survivor Tibor Spitz interrupts creative session with songwriter Kelleigh McKenzie to show off his Shofar chops.

PBS is honored to shed light on the moving and powerful project,which illuminated the ways in which music can uniquely memorialize these stories of resiliency,” said Zara Frankel, Director of Programming and development at PBS. “Through a collaborative songwriting process, the musicians featured in this film showcase the inspirational lives of each survivor, commemorating the full breadth of strength and joy they inspired in their lifetime.”

In-depth interviews with  the survivors – Rita, Tibor, Tommy and Freide – and access to rare personal archives lead to revealing stories, many of which have been deeply buried in their memories for decades.  At the same time, the songwriters – Michael, Jude, Kelleigh and Elizabeth – create video diaries to document their own thoughts and feeling about the experience of telling a Holocaust survivor’s story through song.

Songwriters on stage for their finale honoring their Holocaust survivors.
Songwriters on stage for their finale honoring their Holocaust survivors.

“Many documentaries exist about the Holocaust.  However, few have taken such a unique approach to telling these horrific stories.  We wanted to shed a light on the devastating experiences of Holocaust survivors while celebrating the possibilities of healing through the power of music,” said Tom Miller, co-producer of We Remember: Songs of Survivors. “Little did we know this film, with its powerful message would change the lives of both the survivors and the songwriters.