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Digital storytelling came naturally to A. C. Fowler after WOUB and Ohio University

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Fowler graduated from Ohio University in 2013

ATHENS, OH – In 2009, A. C. Fowler, also known to his classmates as Andrew Fowler, chose to go to college in Athens because he was excited about the opportunity Ohio University provided for students to apply for an internship at The TODAY Show in New York City.

“I knew I wanted to study journalism, and my dad met someone on a plane who told him about Ohio University and The TODAY Show internship.”

Even though Fowler is from Saint Louis, he decided to apply to Ohio University. He was accepted and received the John Newton Templeton Scholarship. The Templeton Scholars Program honors Ohio University’s first African American graduate (Class of 1828) and his legacy with an emphasis on academic excellence, leadership, and campus and community involvement at Ohio University. The four-year renewable scholarship covers in-state tuition and room and board costs.

“Then I visited campus, and it was so beautiful,” said Fowler. “It was the obvious choice.”

Fowler was a student in the Scripps College of Communication’s E.W. Scripps School of Journalism majoring in broadcast journalism and minoring in political science.

“I got involved at WOUB right from the start. I was excited to get real-world reporting and anchoring experience,” said Fowler.

In addition to WOUB, Fowler also got involved with Ohio University’s Campus Crusade for Christ, which is now called Cru.

“I really enjoyed being involved with both of those activities on campus.”

At WOUB, Fowler did everything he could. He started anchoring and reporting on the radio and then moved into television. Fowler used the experience to apply for The TODAY Show internship and got it. He interned in New York City from March to June of 2012. In that role, Fowler assisted with video shoots and contributed to post-production, conducted research for both news and entertainment segments and assisted production managers.

“It was a really great learning experience,” said Fowler.

When Fowler returned to Athens in the fall of 2012, he immediately started back at WOUB. And as a WOUB reporter, he had the opportunity to cover then Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign stop in Athens in September 2012, as well as the surprise campaign visit by President Barack Obama one month later. Fowler also anchored WOUB TV’s election night coverage.

With some great material for his resumé reel, Fowler graduated in 2013. But that’s when Fowler “took a complete career detour.” An opportunity to go on a mission trip to Slovenia came up through Campus Crusade for Christ, and Fowler decided to take it. He was there for one year working with a student organization to help them build their first website and develop social media strategies.

“When I got home, my mom was worried I wouldn’t be able to get a job in journalism since I took that year off, so she suggested I go to graduate school,” said Fowler laughing.

Fowler took her advice and went to Northwestern for a one-year master’s program where he focused on documentary-style journalism. After graduating in 2015, he was hired as an associate producer at Insider, Inc. in New York City. The organization, formerly known as Business Insider, is a global news and lifestyle digital publication.

“I started working with the video team and focused on developing short video content for social media platforms,” said Fowler. “I have been promoted a few times, and in November 2020, I was named deputy executive producer for Insider’s video team. I lead production for the team’s YouTube Lifestyle video series and work with a team of about 35 people.”

Fowler says he still uses many of the skills he learned at Ohio University and WOUB every day.

“Working at WOUB and going to Ohio University is what provided all my initial opportunities,” said Fowler. “It taught me what video production was all about at its core. I made mistakes, and those experiences taught me how precise you must be when you are out in the field. As a manager, it helped me be the kind of manager who knows both the content writing and technical side of putting a story together which gives me credibility with everyone I work with.”

And even though Fowler is not working on a television broadcast or program, he says he learned exactly what he needed to in Athens to create compelling video content for social media.

“So many of the tenants of what makes a video story compelling very much applies to social media,” said Fowler. “It’s different in that you can see the metrics right in front of your face, and then respond and adjust. But video production and storytelling, the things that make a good story, are the same and, I learned all of it at WOUB and Ohio University.”