WOUB’s “Spectrum” podcast launches its seventh season of conversations

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In June 2016, WOUB launched its first podcast Spectrum hosted by journalist/lawyer Tom Hodson. Now WOUB has seven ongoing podcasts with more on the way and Spectrum is kicking-off its seventh season.

Spectrum continues to be WOUB’s anchor podcast producing over 241 different episodes on a myriad of topics.

The first episode this season features Cheri Russo, host and creator of WOUB’s new limited series podcast Who Lies Beneath: The Asylum. The series brings to life the true stories of people abandoned by their families and buried in numbered graves at what was formerly known as the “Lunatic Asylum.”

For Spectrum, Hodson always finds interesting people who have fascinating stories. He features journalists, authors, scholars, policymakers, activists, scientists, innovators and some people who just have riveting stories.

Each episode features an in-depth conversation. Sometimes the guests are famous such as comics Lewis Black and Paula Poundstone and storytellers Ken Burns, Ira Glass and Science Friday’s Ira Flatow.

Other times, the podcast features top-flight journalists discussing the issues of the day, authors and artists discussing their creative endeavors, and innovators talking about the future.

Policymakers also chime in on important issues confronting all Americans and especially those who live in the heartland.

“We try to make each conversation relevant and important for our audience,” Hodson said. “We even have tackled major issues such as race and racism in our country – a topic sometimes difficult to discuss.’

Since the murder of George Floyd and the racial upheaval caused by that event, Spectrum has done 20 episodes concerning different racial issues facing our country.

“Our goal is to have a really in-depth and interesting conversations with our guests, and we invite our audience to eavesdrop on our talks as active listeners,” Hodson added.

Spectrum is heard nationally and internationally and is co-produced by Hodson and Adam Rich.

You can find WOUB’s Spectrum podcast at Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, NPR One and at the NPR Podcast Directory. Spectrum also is available through WOUB’s website at