Hands-on experience helped Steve Grisetti launch his career in Hollywood

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Grisetti graduated from Ohio University in 1981 and 1985

ATHENS, OH – Steve Grisetti’s film career has included stints at Orion Pictures and Sony Pictures Entertainment, and he says he had the confidence to pursue his dreams in Hollywood because of the knowledge and experience he gained at Ohio University and WOUB.

“Ohio University is just such a great place. It’s a one-of-a-kind place that never really leaves you,” said Grisetti. “It’s always a part of you. It’s 60 miles from the nearest city and kind of a magical little island. I learned from professionals, and the greatest thing you can do is learn hands-on by getting right in there and actually doing the stuff.”

Grisetti grew up in Wooster, Ohio and came to Ohio University after serving in the military.

“I was looking for a college with a great TV program, and Ohio University had one of the best. I decided to go there without ever visiting campus.”

Grisetti quickly got involved in radio on campus at both WOUB and ACRN. At WOUB, Grisetti worked on WOUB FM’s radio comedy show Fox Paw (A Social Blunder). The program was broadcast from 1977-1979. 

“I started by writing and submitting scripts for the show. Eventually I ended up as a cast member and was on the show,” said Grisetti. “I wanted to get involved in comedy, and Fox Paw was a great showcase for that.” 

Grisetti graduated with his bachelor’s degree in radio and television in 1981 and then went on to earn a master’s degree from Ohio University in telecommunications in 1985.

“After I completed my master’s degree, a professor at Ohio University helped me to land a paid internship with the TV show Knots Landing. That professor was the late Dr. William Miller, who really mentored me through graduate school and arranged my internship in Los Angeles,” said Grisetti. “That internship opened a number of doors for me.”

Grisetti spent the next several years working for film production companies in Hollywood.  He worked with producers, writers and talent, by offering story analysis and recommendations in the initiation and development of feature films. During his time at Orion, the company won three Best Picture Academy Awards for Platoon, Dances with Wolves and Silence of the Lambs.

In 1994, Grisetti decided to get out of the film industry. He went to work for Robert W. Baird & Company, an investment firm based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, as an assistant vice president, graphic designer. Grisetti worked there for nearly 15 years.

“When I got into my 50s, I wanted to do things a little closer to my heart. I started writing books on film and video productions and then started teaching classes.”

Grisetti became an online instructor for and Linkedin Learning.

“I love teaching people to make video,” said Grisetti. “Today people can do that with the tools they have on their phone. So, helping consumers learn how to make high quality movies on their phone or home computer is really great.”

Grisetti says he feels confident teaching others about video production because of the foundation he got at Ohio University and WOUB.

“The great thing about Ohio University is that you learned a lot in the classroom, but you also had access to equipment, and access to a professional station that distributed video and audio, that you worked on, to the public. You are not going to find that at most colleges. Having a radio and TV station where undergraduates could produce something was exciting and motivating. It allowed you to see how big the world was.”