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Shenandoah pummels Shadyside on the back of Freshman stud Braxton Barnett

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SHADYSIDE, Ohio (WOUB) — The battle for the Ohio Valley Athletic Conference kicked off at Shadyside with a penalty filled 1st quarter of play with both teams trading multiple 3 and outs to begin the game. 

There were a combined 8 penalties between the Zeps and the Tigers in a scoreless first quarter. 

The second quarter got underway with a bang from an interception by the Shenandoah defense. 

Braxton Barnett drove the Zeps downfield through a combination of blazing speed on the ground paired with precision accuracy through the air, and Barnett fired a shot at the end zone for the first time in the night, but it was broken up by the Tigers defense to force a 4th down. 

However, roughing the passer was called on the play and the Zeps hopes to score were revived. On the very next play, Barnett goes for the endzone, and the ball is pulled in by Shenandoah’s Hunter Yates for the score.

The 2-point conversion was unsuccessful, but the Zeps had the lead for the first time in the ballgame. Following a Shadyside turnover on downs, the Zeps offense went back to work. 

After a barrage of downhill running from Jacob Feldner and Ayden McPeek, Barnette finds Yates once again in the back of the endzone for a 25-yard touchdown, and the 2-point conversion was successful making the score 14-0 in favor of Shenandoah. 

A glimmer of hope appeared for the Tigers as Ben Wach snatched the ball away from the Shenandoah. But the moment was fleeting, as the Tigers went 3 and out and failed on their 4th down attempt. Barnett then passed to Brandon Portman for the score, and the Zeps went into the half with a 22-0 lead. 

The first score of the second half went to the Zeps with Barnett finding Yates once again for the score. Shadyside responded with an impressive drive of their own and were able to punch it in for 6 but were stuffed on the point after attempt. 

Jacob Feldner showcased his rushing acumen, bursting into the open field for a touchdown to cushion the Zeps lead. Brandon Portman then picked off Tigers quarterback Ben Wach, helping to put the game out of reach for the Tigers. 

Shadyside attempted a belated comeback by tacking on two touchdowns in the final quarter, but the attempt was futile. This resulted in the final score, 38-20 in favor of the visiting Shenandoah Zeps. 

The headliner for tonight was the freshman quarterback, Braxton Barnette. They say lightning doesn’t strike twice, but don’t tell Barnette. 

The freshman demonstrated his agility in evading pressure with his feet, and reigning terror from the skies with a 15-22, 224-yard, four touchdown performance. From Head Coach Lowery, “When he’s calm you can see the athletic ability and the things he can do”.  

On the season, Barnette has 546 yards and nine touchdowns in just his first two games. For Shadyside, Elijah Brock collected all three of the Tigers touchdowns on 69 yards receiving. He also added six tackles on the defensive side of the ball. 

The Zeps are ascendant, improving their record to 2-0 with the Tigers falling to an unfortunate 0-2. The Zeps will meet the Waterford Wildcats back home as they look to sustain their undefeated season. 

The Tigers will remain at home next week seeking their first victory against the Buckeye Local Panthers.