Shenandoah QB Braxton Barnett carries for a gain against Waterford

Shenandoah escapes Waterford in a defensive showdown

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SARAHSVILLE, Ohio (WOUB) — After trailing early on, Shenandoah came back to clinch its third win this season, taking down Waterford 18-11. 

The Wildcats took control early on, leading the entire first quarter after a rushing touchdown by Mason Heiss. The Zeps were left scoreless until the end of the first quarter thanks to a rushing touchdown from Jacob Feldner followed by a missed 2-point conversion to make the score 7-6. 

Feldner stayed in the paint all night, with another rushing touchdown in the second quarter, making the score 12-7 after another missed 2-point conversion. 

Although both teams were able to put points on the board, both teams struggled to get a grasp on the ball, with five fumbles and two interceptions between both teams in the first half.

Halftime didn’t stop the Zeps’ momentum, as they stepped up their defense, with a big sack from Hunter Schott that resulted in an eight yard loss, followed by a blocked punt two plays later. 

The Zeps kept their momentum going into the fourth quarter, with freshman quarterback, Braxton Barnett rushing into the end zone to give the Zeps an even bigger lead of 18-7 after having missed their third straight 2-point conversion.

With the Zeps leading by 11 points, the Wildcats tried to kick it into gear. With less than five minutes left the Wildcats did just that by getting a passing touchdown from Lane Cline followed by an unsuccessful 2-point conversion.

With less than two minutes in the game, the Wildcats need to have a successful onside kick. The Zeps however wouldn’t let this happen, as the clock ran out to give Shenandoah its  third straight win this season.