Logan Elm emerge as challengers for MSL title with win over Circleville

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CIRCLEVILLE, Ohio (WOUB) — Under the lights on Friday, September 16th, the Circleville Tigers hosted the Logan Elm Braves in what was named the Backyard Brawl, a classic MSL rivalry game. The Braves have dominated the Tigers in their past two meetings, with Circleville’s last win taking place in the 2019 season.

The Tigers kicked off to their visiting team to begin the game. The Braves certainly established themselves as QB Aaron Walters heaved a downfield pass to receiver Damien Hebb for a large gain and the first notable play of the game.

This bode well for the Braves, as RB Blayton Reid found his way to the end zone, almost untouched. Logan Elm asserted its dominance early on both sides of the ball, as the defensive front was able to hold the Tigers to one series, where they turned the ball over on downs and gave possession back to the Braves.

Although they didn’t have a score to respond to, the Logan Elm offense continued to quickly drive down the field and prove themselves as a unit. Walters takes the ball himself from the 1-yard line and dives into the end zone for the second score of the night. This would take the game to the end of the first quarter.

The second quarter offered little excitement, as both teams found themselves at a standstill with scoring. The two teams passed the ball back and forth; once notably toward the end of the quarter with the first turnover of the game.

Things were looking up for Circleville as they were on their way to their first score, when QB Scott Moats’ pass was tipped by Romuald Weber of the Braves and picked up by Tanner Holbert. The quarter soon came to its close, and Logan Elm still topped the Tigers 14-0.

The Braves continued to dominate the Tigers throughout the game, with a non-scoring third quarter and another score for Logan Elm in the fourth.

Although Circleville looked to bring their losing streak with this team to an end, Logan Elm’s dominant defense and their impeccable offensive duo of Aaron Walters and Blayton Reid was too much for the Tigers to handle.

This brings the Braves to a near-perfect 4-1 record, and the Tigers to 3-2 for week 5 of MSL play.