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Green shuts out Symmes Valley, moves to 6-0

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FRANKLIN FURNACE, Ohio (WOUB) — The Green Bobcats (6-0) shut out and shut down the Symmes Valley Vikings (1-4) to remain indefeated on the season.

Going into the game the Green High Bobcats had a record of five wins with zero losses, and is second in the region, which hasn’t happened in the past three years according to the coach Chad Coffman. 

The Symmes Valley Vikings on the other hand haven’t had the greatest season with a record of one win and three losses under their belt. 

Going into the first quarter, Green’s defense held Symmes Valley to give up the ball and this is where the Bobcats capitalized. The Bobcats main strength this game was rushing the ball down the field and getting crucial first downs to get them closer and closer to the endzone. 

Green’s main focus during this game was to continue to run and ball and also run the clock to put Symmes Valley at the disadvantage. During the end of first quarter Blake Smith scored the first touchdown of the night and brought the lead up 6-0 Green. 

During the second half the Vikings tried the rushing strategy but wasn’t very successful because of the Bobcats defense. In the first part of the second half, there were a lot of turnovers which didn’t really lead to anything till about halfway through, then something changed.

The Bobcats continued to run the ball but this time with Nathaniel Branigan, a junior from Green High. Branigan was trying to get to one thousand season rushing yards this game and did just that. After beating that, the Bobcats and Branigan went on to score and then Branigan also got the two point conversion to bring the score up to 14-0 

After halftime into the third quarter, the Bobcats came out clawing at the Vikings and made them turnover the ball once again but the Bobcats just could not capitalize and had to turn the ball back over to the vikings.

It was a back and forth for possession throughout the third quarter until one fateful play. The Vikings had the ball and decided to change up their playstyle by this time passing the ball but connects to number eight for the Bobcats, Abe McBee, who takes it all the way to the house for a pick six. With the extra point it brings the score out to 21-0. In the fourth, the Bobcats held the Vikings and pulled out the win, the final being 21-0.

This win brings the Bobcats to an undefeated record of 6-0 and they don’t seem like stopping. While on the other hand the Vikings go home with yet another loss bringing them to a record of 1-4. 

Overall, this game was extremely fast paced with each play seeming to be back to back and the community rallying to support each team it was certainly a great game to watch.