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Nelsonville-York trounces Meigs to keep TVC-Ohio title hopes alive

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NELSONVILLE, Ohio (WOUB) — The Nelsonville-York Buckeyes took down the Meigs Marauders 35-0 in another TVC-Ohio showdown.

 After a short kickoff, the Marauders fought to steal some of the momentum they had just granted the Buckeyes. The defense was able to bring Makhi Williams to a halt, forcing the Buckeyes to punt on the initial drive.

 Griffin Cleland made it his own mission to take Meigs all the way down the field. After a couple carries himself, he looked to connect to his teammates without any luck, forcing the Marauders to punt.

 However, Meigs fumbling the ball on the fourth down punt gave the Buckeyes a head start to their drive. The ball was recovered by Caeleb Layton at the Meigs 26-yard line.

 It only took two drives for Nelsonville-York to capitalize on the opportunity. Makhi Williams carried the ball to the four-yard line, giving Hudson Stalder the chance to secure the first points of the game for the Buckeyes.

 Cleland led the Meigs in a frenzy down the field. A last-ditch attempt to keep momentum proved successful, as Cleland carried to the Buckeye 21-yard line on fourth down.

 Buckeyes Drew Douglas and Gavin Richards tipped away every pass attempt and stopped Cleland in his tracks, forcing the Marauders to punt and giving the Buckeyes possession once again.

 The Meigs offense was tossed around by Wyatt Humphries in this drive. It was ultimately Humphries who brought possession back into the hands of the Marauders.

 The Marauders kept the ball for the majority of the second quarter, hoping to eat away at their seven-point deficit. Cleland led his offense all the way to the Buckeye 14-yard line.

 Richards alongside Leighton Logee worked tirelessly against the Marauders, forcing a turnover on the fourth down. With little time in the half to extend their lead, Nelsonville-York went into the locker room for a 7-0 lead over Meigs.

 After a relentless first half, Nelsonville-York put the pedal to the metal and took advantage of the young Meigs team right away. Makhi Williams led the Buckeyes to four more touchdowns in the second half of the game, tallying 263 yards for the entire game and granting the Buckeyes a 35-0 victory.