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“Heart of it All” launches WOUB’s new partnerships with local storytellers

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Heart of it All, which is created and hosted by Liz Pahl of Athens, is the first in a series of new partnerships WOUB Public Media is entering into with storytellers from our region.

The trailer and the first episode are already posted on WOUB’s Listen Page.

The new podcast explores the connections between Ohio and Hollywood. It focuses on both historic and contemporary references to Ohio in movies, television, and with actors and entertainers…the different roles Ohio and Ohioans have played in the entertainment industry.

Heart of it All features interviews with Ohio historians, film critics, actors, writers, producers and directors of America’s most beloved television shows and movies that are set in, or feature characters from Ohio.

“My new podcast Heart of It All focuses on digging deep between the many connections between Ohio and Hollywood. There are so many fantastic stories there! I am very excited for audiences to join me in discovering just how much Ohio and its people have influenced the entertainment industry,” Pahl notes.

WOUB Public Media is reaching out to local and regional storytellers by creating partnerships to feature their podcasts on WOUB’s website.

“It is a way for WOUB to encourage local creativity and to help promote and publish work of our region’s storytellers,” says Tom Hodson, host and co-producer of WOUB’s longest running podcast, Spectrum.

Both WOUB and Pahl are excited about this new partnership.

“I am thrilled with this partnership between my company SoVery Media and WOUB Public Media. I am proud to partner with our trusted local NPR affiliate, who consistently provides award-winning journalism, entertainment, and news,” Pahl says. “It’s truly an honor to help fulfill part of WOUB’s mission to support storytelling from within our community.”

“Also, as an alumna of the Scripps College of Communication, this partnership holds an extra layer of excitement. To partner with WOUB Public Media (housed within the Scripps College of Communication) now as a business professional is really meaningful to me,” Pahl adds.

You can follow Heart of It All on Twitter: @heartofitallpod and Instagram @heartofitallpod.

If you live in our broadcast region and are currently producing a podcast or want to, please reach out to explore partnership possibilities. Please email your inquires to