Waverly community unites to support injured football player

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WAVERLY, Ohio (WOUB) – The Waverly Tigers may not be experiencing the season they had hoped for, but the Tigers are playing for something bigger.

Following the junior varsity week three matchup, freshman running back and middle linebacker, Blake Osborne was rushed to Adena hospital after collapsing.

“I was just, at halftime, feeling very weak and couldn’t feel anything,” Osborne said. “I sat though the second half because I didn’t feel right the rest of it.”

It was discovered he was suffering from second impact syndrome and that his brain was displaced seven millimeters off center, filling his head with blood and forcing pressure on his brain.

After having surgery to alleviate pressure off his brain, the Osborne family was met with an outpour of love and support from the Waverly community and surrounding communities.

Some ways in which the community provided support include fellow Waverly bus drivers giving Blake’s father, also named Blake Osborne, their sick days so he can take care of his son and not have to worry about the next paycheck.

“You hear a lot, you know, ‘I can’t wait to get out of this small town,’” Blake’s father said. “That small town is going to take care of you when times get tough and … this is proof of that.”

Doctors told Blake he should not play contact sports again and he agreed. While plans for his future has changed, Blake is still looking forward to getting involved in other activities.

“I’m still going to do track, I’m going to join the golf team,” Blake said “Hopefully go to college for one of those … I’m not completely done with everything.”