Jackson controls their own destiny in the FAC with a defense shattering victory over Washington Court House

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JACKSON, Ohio (WOUB) — The battle between the top two teams in the Front Tier Athletic Conference resulted in Jackson coming out on top with an absolute blowout over the Washington Courthouse, 63-21. The Jackson Ironmen have held the dominating spot in the conference for years, and keep that tradition strong after Friday night’s matchup.

It was all Jackson from the start with consistent stops on defense to open up the first quarter. Jackson quarterback Jacob Winters wasted no time getting on the board with a clean pass to Brodie Butcher in the end zone from 25-yards out with nine minutes in the first. It didn’t take long after for another Brodie Butcher touchdown on the Houdini act in the pocket by Jacob Winters to extend the Ironmen lead to 14.

Towards the end of the first quarter a couple of new faces from the Ironmen join in on their next scoring drive as Eli Broermann jumps the post for the interception, and Cade Wolford punches it on the ground the very next play, 21-0.

Heading into the second quarter Nolan Johnson was able to take it to the crib from two yards out. Then on the ensuing Washington possession, they snap the ball high and Jackson recovers on the 38. Jackson then capitalizes on the turnover as Eli Broermann makes an 8-yard touchdown run.

When halftime is reached Jackson is well ahead of Washington 42-0. The Ironmen held Washington to 12-yards of total offense and forced three turnovers.

After the half, Washington finally got points on the board as Troy Thompson hits Rocky James on a 1-yard touchdown pass, the first score for the Blue Lions in the game, 49-7.

It didn’t take long for Jackson to respond, as Cade Wolford scored on the 91-yard kick return for yet another touchdown for the Ironmen, 56-7.

Late in the game for Washington to make a comeback, but AJ Dallmayer manages to break five tackles and runs 69-yards to the house.

Washington then strips the ball from Jackson for a turnover with the remaining five minutes of the game. In the following play, Rocky Jones dashes 51-yards for a touchdown.

The matchup ended with the Ironmen winning a share of the FAC title, dominating 63-21 over the Blue Lions, with Jacob Winters going 8 for 12 with 126 yards and scoring three touchdowns.