Shenandoah and Caldwell square off in the 59th installment of the Noble County Super Bowl

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SARAHSVILLE, Ohio (WOUB) In the final week of the season, the Caldwell Redskins defeated the Shenandoah Zeps 28-18 on senior night.

The Zeps defense came out the gate strong with a forced three and out. The Zeps special teams were able to make a big play as the Redskins punt was blocked and recovered by Joel Rataiczak and he took it all the way for a touchdown. The Zeps missed the field goal making the score 6-0. The Zeps defense were able to force another punt on the next possession. Zeps Quarterback Braxton Barnett was able to pick apart the Redskin defense and ended the drive with a touchdown pass to receiver Kendall Sherman. The Zeps would fail on the 2 point conversion making the score 12-0. 

Down by 2 scores the Redskins offense needed to put together a drive with points and that’s exactly what they did. QB Cale Bender used his legs to run through the Zeps defense and then running back Tyce Devoild ran into the end zone making the score 12-7. The Redskin defense stepped up as they were able to force a quick three and out giving their offense back the ball. Cale Bender the next drive was able to pick apart the Zep defense with passes to many of his receivers. He found his receiver Braxton Dudley in the end zone making the score 14-12.

With just a minute left in the 2nd quarter The Redskins were driving down the field and their drive looked promising. They found themselves deep in the red zone with just 4 seconds remaining and decided to run a play instead of kicking the field. Cale Bender found his receiver but he was short of the endzone making ending the 1st half.

The Redskins defense forced quick three and out to start the third quarter. Redskin QB Cale Bender was able to use his legs again to run through the Zeps defense. He capped off the drive with a touchdown run making the score 21-12. With just a minute left in the third the Zeps put together a quality drive with a combination of the running game and passing game. Braxton Barnett found his receiver to make the score 21-18. The Zeps would fail on the two point conversion and end the third quarter.

With just two minutes left The Zeps defense needed a stop to give the ball back to their offense for an attempt at a game winning drive but the Redskins were not going to give them that opportunity. Running back Tyce Devoild found the end zone ona 33 yard rush making the score 28-18. The Redskin defense didn’t allow the Zeps to score for the remainder of the game.

The Redskins end the season 9-1 and will look to build off this win as they enter the postseason.

The Zeps end the season 6-4 and will look to bounce back as they enter the postseason.