Ohio University raises minimum wage for hourly student employees

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ATHENS, Ohio (WOUB) — Ohio University has raised the minimum wage for hourly student employees from $9.30 per hour to $11 per hour, according to Ohio University’s website. Students who work hourly, including those in federal work study and PACE positions, saw an increase in their pay on Sunday.

Cara Kain, a senior, the student mailroom supervisor at Ohio University, said she feels encouraged.

“I’m actually really happy for our crew finally got a raise,” she said. “We do deal with student’s packages, and I think that getting paid $9.30 wasn’t a fair wage for them.”

David Fenohr, a senior working as a mailroom assistant, said for him the raise in the minimum raise was unexpected but very much welcomed.

“I don’t think anyone was really expecting it,” he said. “Usually if you wanted higher pay, you would try to become a supervisor in the mailroom. It’s great for the team.”

A sign outside Jefferson Market advertises for job openings in Culinary Services
A sign outside Jefferson Market advertises for job openings in Culinary Services

The extra $1.70 per hour will go a long way toward making him more financially comfortable as he prepares to graduate after this fall semester, Fenohr said.

“Being a fifth-year, I live off-campus in the apartments, so I have to worry about my rent each month and food because I’m not on the meal plan anymore,” he said. “Food has been pretty expensive recently, so it’s definitely going to help me go from ramen noodles to actual meals.”

As a sixth-year senior, Kain said she has even more financial commitments that will be eased by the rise in minimum wage.

“I’m a lot older than the typical student,” she said. “I’m also engaged, so me and my fiancé have a whole house to pay for, and I have a car payment on top of student debt.”

Ohio University said the move is a part of its “commitment to provide opportunities for the continued improvement of student success and improvement — one of President Sherman’s top priorities,”  according to an OU press release.

Those who are looking for jobs on campus should visit the Student Employment page of Ohio University’s website. The page has more information about student hourly employment, federal work study, and the PACE program.