Cambridge makes case for Cinderella story with win over Logan Elm

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CIRCLEVILLE, Ohio (WOUB) – Logan Elm hosted Cambridge on Friday night for the first round of the playoffs. In what was the Braves first playoff appearance since 2014, they were left walking away empty handed 31-13. 

The Bobcats and Caden Moore got started fast. The Braves defense stepped up and made key stops that led to a field goal from Lucas Parsons, 3-0. But that was just the start of the scoring in the first half for them. 

The Braves took the field and hopes of answering with a score of their own were quickly shut down. They struggled to move the ball and anytime there was even the slightest chance of hope, they were stopped. 

Moore then looked to extend the Bobcats lead as their offense got moving again. He found his man Devin Ogle down the field for the 12-yard touchdown, 10-0. 

Aaron Walters tried to get magic going but his pass was intercepted from Reed Johnson. That was just one of the four turnovers the Braves had on the night. It seemed like everytime they looked to get something going a turnover prevented them from doing so. 

Moore later found Davion Bahr who caught the ball behind the helmet and took it all the way to the end zone for the 79-yard score to extend the Bobcats lead, 17-0. 

The Bobcats offense had the momentum it needed and continued to dominate. Moore decided to keep the ball himself and ran it into the end zone for the touchdown, 24-0. 

But, it wasn’t just the offense in this game, the defense stepped up and did its job in big ways. They made crucial stops and broke up big passes that prevented the Braves from moving down the field. A 19-yard touchdown run from Blayton Reid showed some life for the Braves but it wouldn’t be enough. 

Entering the fourth quarter, the Braves continued to fight back but failed to convert. A 16-yard score from Braylen Baker wasn’t enough as the Bobcats ran away with a dominant victory. 

Cambridge moves on to play East on Friday Nov. 4.