Food and Power class sponsors food drive for Southeast Ohio Food Bank

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ATHENS, Ohio (WOUB) — An Ohio University class focused on food insecurity sponsored a food drive this week.

Dr. Charles Lester, an assistant professor at the university through its honors program, teaches a “Food and Power” class. The class teaches where food comes from and what people can do to positively impact food security.

“I’m hoping with our little monetary donation and the cans we’re collecting, we can put a tiny dent in the need that is out there,” Dr.Lester said.

The class has raised more than $900. Donations can still be made today at

The holiday season is rapidly approaching, and inflation rates are increasing. In southeast Ohio, 1-and-6 individuals struggle with hunger. The COVID-19 pandemic has contributed to the hunger struggle with inflation.

Eva Bloom, the Director of Development for Hocking Athens Perry Community Action and the SEO food bank, said it’s important to recognize that this year is especially difficult for families facing food insecurity.

“Everything is so expensive,” she said. “Families, who are living at the margins anyways, are actually really, really stretched.”

All the donations from the class food drive went to the southeast Ohio foodbank.

People who receive items from food banks are sometimes negatively viewed.

“I think there’s a stigma in American society that people who go to food banks somehow aren’t working hard enough.” Dr.Lester said. “Most people who use those benefits have full-time jobs. They’re just not making enough to get by.”