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Civil Suit Against Ohio University by Alison Rocho Explained by Reporter

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The trial in the lawsuit of Alison Arocho against Ohio University was held in the Ohio Court of Claims last month and Dani Kington of the Athens County Independent, a non-profit local news organization, was there to cover it.

Arocho filed a civil suit against Ohio University in the Ohio Court of Claims alleging that the university failed to properly supervise and monitor an Ohio University Police officer who had sexually abused her multiple times when she was 15 years old.

The incidents occurred in 2005 -2006, according to Arocho

The university denies that it has any liability in the case and claims it did all that was required in supervising the officer.

The case has been bifurcated by Judge Dale Crawford, according to Kington, with the first part of the trial to determine whether there was any liability on the part of Ohio University.

A decision on liability is expected from the judge before the end of the year.

If the judge determines there is liability, then the second portion of the trial will determine the amount of damages, if any, that are owed Arocho from the university.

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