Federal Hocking and South Gallia lead the first Boys’ and Girls’ standings of the year respectively

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TVC-Hocking Boys’ Standings


Federal Hocking Lancers (6-2, 4-0)

The Lancers are on a six-game winning streak, winning big games against Paint Valley, Morgan, Waterford, and Belpre, whom they beat by nine points. They play against the Golden Eagles on Jan. 24th, which should be a true test to see if they can complete the regular season sweep.

Trimble Tomcats (4-2, 3-0)

The Tomcats took home a huge conference overtime win against South Gallia, which makes them undefeated in the TVC-Hocking. The big rivalry matchup between the Tomcats and Lancers occurs on Jan. 6 in Glouster. Historically, this matchup decides the winner of the TVC-Hocking, and this year should be no different.

Waterford Wildcats (4-2, 1-1)

The Wildcats lost their first conference-play game this past week against the Lancers. If they want to stay higher than the Golden Eagles in the standings, they must win against them on Friday, Jan. 6.

Belpre Golden Eagles (5-4, 1-1)

The Belpre Golden Eagles earned two wins this past week, one being a conference win against the Eastern Eagles. This was their first conference win for the season despite losing to the Lancers by nine earlier in the season. After their game this week against Williamstown, they will have a pivotal four-game stretch against Southern, Waterford, South Gallia, and Trimble. If they want to improve their place in the standings, they’ll need to win most of those games.

South Gallia Rebels (3-6, 1-2)

The Rebels are on a three-game losing streak. They lost in conference play against the Tomcats and then lost in overtime at the Ironton Classic against St. Joseph Central. If the Rebels want to change their momentum of the season around, they need to win against Huntington this week before they play Southern next week.

Southern Tornadoes (2-4, 0-2)

The Tornadoes have yet to pick up a conference win. Right now, they are on a four-game losing streak. They will play Meigs this week looking to put an end to their losing streak.

Eastern Eagles (1-6, 0-4)

The Eagles have only won one game this season against River Valley and have lost six straight games. It could be a very tough battle if they want to have their name in the running for the TVC-Hocking title. Their next conference opponent is against Southern on Jan. 10, but they’ll have their sights set on Chesapeake and Wahama before then.


TVC-Hocking Lady Standings


South Gallia Rebels (10-1, 6-0)

The Rebels defeated the Eastern Eagles this past week, which makes them undefeated in the TVC-Hocking conference. They have had a successful season with their only loss against Notre Dame. They will have to continue this strong momentum for the rest of the season to win the TVC-Hocking title.

Waterford Wildcats (5-3, 4-1)

The 2022 Division IV State Champs’ game this past week against Belpre got canceled. A win from the Belpre game could have helped Waterford’s record in the conference since their only conference loss was against South Gallia. The other losses Waterford has suffered were from Warren and Rock Hill. Waterford could have a chance at winning the TVC-Hocking if they continue winning conference games and if they can win a game against South Gallia.

Eastern Eagles (6-4, 3-2)

Fresh off a 64-27 win over Southern on Dec. 15, in a game that saw Sydney Reynolds hit the 1,000-point mark in her career, the Eagles had a whole week to prepare for South Gallia after their game against Belpre got canceled. A loss to the Lady Rebels set them back to third place in the standings. The Eagles will play Waterford in about a week and could have a chance at redemption after losing to them earlier in the season. If they win another conference game, Eastern could then move to second in the standings.

Federal Hocking Lancers (7-4, 3-3)

Federal Hocking is gaining momentum as they earn two conference wins against Southern and Trimble this past week. This is a great shift of momentum for the Lancers since the week prior to those games, they lost two conference games.

Belpre Golden Eagles (1-7, 1-4)

The Golden Eagles are on a four-game losing streak. Southern is the only team so far in the season Belpre could pick up a win against. This past week they had two conference games that got canceled, but still played against South Gallia and lost. They will go on to face South Charleston (WV) this week.

Southern Tornadoes (4-9, 1-5)

The Tornadoes lost two games this past week, one being a conference play against Federal Hocking Lancers. They jumped ahead of Trimble because of a win earlier in the season against them. Southern will return to their season with six of their next seven games against conference foes. Even if Southern won the rest of their conference games, it would be a struggle for them to have a chance at the TVC-Hocking title.

Trimble Tomcats (2-6, 1-5)

The Tomcats are on a three-game losing streak after losing three consecutive conference plays. Like Southern, it would be an uphill battle for Trimble to win the TVC-Hocking title.