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Federal Hocking Boys and South Gallia Girls Continue to Lead The TVC-Hocking

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With some conference games underway this past week, the TVC-Hocking Boys’ and Girls’ standings changed. This past week’s games featured many series sweeps to help shift the standings. This week will bring even more conference games that could impact the standings and will feature games against TVC-Ohio opponents. 

TVC-Hocking Boys’ Standings 

Federal Hocking Lancers logoFederal Hocking Lancers – 10-2 (Conf. 5-0)  

With a huge conference win against Trimble this past Friday, the Lancers are still undefeated and on a ten-game winning streak. This team showed its potential against the Tomcats and shot a total of ten 3’s in the game with Andrew Airhart (4) and Caden Chapman (3) leading the way. The Lancers are not afraid to pressure their opponents. 28 turnovers against Trimble helped the Lancers gain possession and control. After the Trimble game, Federal Hocking went up against TVC-Ohio member, Athens, and won 71-60. The next game for Federal Hocking is this Friday against Southern. If the Lancers can continue with their aggressive defense against their opponents, then the road to the TVC-Hocking title is manageable in their future. 

Trimble Tomcats logoTrimble Tomcats – 5-4 (Conf. 3-1)  

Changing their mindsets and learning from their mistakes is what the Trimble Tomcats are doing as they prepare for two conference games this week against Waterford and Belpre. The Tomcats had two games this past week: one against Nelsonville-York and another against Hocking rival, Federal Hocking. The Tomcats won against Nelsonville-York but lost against the Lancers, which resulted in the Tomcats’ first conference loss. The Tomcats will need to be prepared for their first meetings of the season against Waterford and Belpre this week.  

Belpre Golden EaglesBelpre Golden Eagles – 7-5 (Conf. 3-1) 

With two conference wins this past week under their belt, the Belpre Golden Eagles are picking up momentum. The team beat Southern 61-34 and then went on to beat Waterford 55-46. The win over Waterford, allowed the Golden Eagles to jump right over them in the standings, making them third. Looking ahead, this week the team will face conference foes, South Gallia, and Trimble. A win over Trimble would help the Golden Eagles leapfrog over the Tomcats, which would help put them closer to earning the title of TVC-Hocking.      

South Gallia Rebels logoSouth Gallia Rebels – 5-6  (Conf. 2-2)    

A 60-44 win against Southern last week, helps put South Gallia in the right mindset as they prepare for another conference game this week against the Belpre Golden Eagles. This could be a turning point in time for the Rebels to improve their place in the standings with a win against the Golden Eagles as they continue to play the rest of the season.    


Waterford Wildcats – 4-4 (Conf. 1-2)   

The Wildcats are at a tough spot in their season right now. A loss against Belpre Golden Eagles, now makes Waterford have a three-game losing streak and pushes them back two spots in the standings. However, they could turn the losing streak around this week as they face two conference foes: Trimble and Eastern. This will be the first time playing those teams this season and could be a chance for the Wildcats to rally together and make a change in the season to improve their standings.  

Southern Tornadoes logo Southern Tornadoes – 2-8 (Conf. 0-3)   

The Tornadoes could not find a way to pick up a win this week. The team went up against the Belpre Golden Eagles and the South Gallia Rebels but could not pull out a win against either. However, the Tornadoes will have a chance this week to pick up some conference wins. On Tuesday, the Tornadoes have a chance to win against the Eastern Eagles. However, they must be focused on this game to prevent moving down in the standings. After the game against the Eagles, they will play again on Friday against Federal Hocking.  

Eastern Eagles logoEastern Eagles – 1-9 (Conf. 0-4)  

After losing in a close game against TVC-Ohio member, Meigs Marauders, 63-65, the Eastern Eagles are looking ahead to their first-time appearance against conference opponent Southern. The two will play Tuesday, which could be a chance for the Eastern Eagles to pick up another win this season and their first conference win. The team does have a chance to improve their standings with their wins this week. A win against Southern would help the Eagles leapfrog over them. From there, Eastern Eagles will play again on Friday this week with Waterford and could pick up another win.  

TVC-Hocking Girls’ Standings:  

South Gallia Rebels logoSouth Gallia Rebels – 12-1 (Conf. 7-0)   

The South Gallia Rebels have swept the Federal Hocking Lancers this season with a 50-35 win. The team has faced each conference foe once this season and remains undefeated. The team will have another chance to sweep another conference opponent, Southern, on Thursday. Last game against Southern, the Rebels won by a big amount and could be looking to repeat that outcome. Winning the TVC-Hocking is very much a possibility with how the Rebels are playing this season.   

Waterford Wildcats – 9-4 (Conf. 6-1)  

Picking up three wins this past week, two of them being against conference opponents, Belpre and Eastern, the Waterford Wildcats are moving in the right direction. The Wildcats prevailed over the Golden Eagles with the series sweep win this past week. This week the team will face Parkersburg South and could have a chance to sweep another conference opponent, Federal Hocking. These conference wins are big for the Wildcats to have their name in the race for the TVC-Hocking title. They will need to beat South Gallia on January 23rd to split the series up to have a better chance at winning the title of TVC-Hocking.   

Eastern Eagles logoEastern Eagles – 7-6 (Conf. 4-3)  

After losing against the Wildcats earlier in the week, the Eastern Eagles bounced back with a conference win over Belpre 70-38. The win over Belpre helped stop a three-game losing streak. The team will play against Meigs this week and then conference foe, Federal Hocking. The Eagles beat the Lancers by four points earlier in the season and a win would help Eastern sweep Federal Hocking.  

Federal Hocking Lancers logoFederal Hocking Lancers – 9-5 (Conf. 3-4)  

The Lancers lost against conference opponent South Gallia earlier in the week but won against TVC-Ohio member, Alexander. Despite their overall record, the team needs to win more conference games to boost their conference record and standings. This week they will play Morgan and then go on to play Eastern on Thursday. The Eastern game is a conference win the Lancers could pick up since their last appearance with the Eagles resulted in the Lancers losing 41-45. Federal Hocking has a chance to split the series with Eastern and prevent them from earning the sweep.   

Belpre Golden EaglesBelpre Golden Eagles – 2-11  (Conf. 2-6)  

The Belpre Golden Eagles had a tough week this week against three conference foes: Waterford, Southern, and Eastern. Despite losing against Waterford and Eastern, the Golden Eagles were able to squeak out a 38-37 win over Southern, which helped them win the series. This week the Golden Eagles will face TVC-Ohio opponent, Nelsonville-York, and will face conference foe, Trimble, for a second time this season. They lost against Trimble earlier in the season and will need to win that game to split the series.  

Trimble Tomcats logoTrimble Tomcats – 2-8 (Conf. 1-5)    

Despite losing against TVC-Ohio conference opponent, Nelsonville-York, the Trimble Tomcats are preparing for a big conference matchup against the Belpre Golden Eagles on Thursday. The team beat Belpre earlier in the season 43-35 and could manage to do it again. Not only would they sweep the Belpre Golden Eagles, but it would help boost the Tomcats in the standings. From there the team will play another TVC-Ohio opponent, Vinton County, on Saturday.  

Southern Tornadoes logoSouthern Tornadoes – 5-10 (Conf. 1-6) 

After losing by a point against the Belpre Golden Eagles, the Southern Tornadoes fall to last in the TVC-Hocking standings. Despite the loss, the Tornadoes shot better from the free-throw line and three-point line compared to Golden Eagles. Earlier in the week, the Tornadoes beat Miller again this season 54-41. This week the team will play South Gallia.