“Johnny Cash & Me” allows Johnny to tell his own story, through actions, words and music – April 8 at 11 pm

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Johnny Cash & Me

Saturday, April 8, 2023 at 11 pm


move poster for Johnny Cash & Me with cash in front of film cameraPutting rebel in rebellious, Johnny Cash is a walking contradiction that is impossible to label. He spent more than one night in jail for his hell raising and dark side. Yet Johnny Cash was a devoted Christian. He was a loving son and father. And finally, his dynamic and loving relationship with June Carter provided him with the ballast he needed to fight the demons that continued to pull at him.

Cash, the man in black, served as a voice for the forgotten and disenfranchised. He has been called many names, not all of them flattering. But, Johnny Cash was a consummate artist and is without doubt one of the most influential musicians of the 20th Century. His legacy continues to this day, inspiring young artists and the generations that continue to listen to his music.

I, Harry Wiland, was a wet behind the ears, 22-year-old New York based film student back in 1968, when the then thirty-six year old Johnny Cash agreed to let me chronicle eight months of his life at home in Nashville and on the road around the country. Together with his then new bride — the legendary country artist June Carter — and the Tennessee Three, we lit out on an odyssey. Johnny Cash & Me allows Johnny to tell his own story, through his actions, his words and, more importantly, through his music.

And now for the first time, over forty-five years later, I am able to describe what the camera didn’t capture and put in proper perspective the man I knew.