Ken Burns Baseball title screen with Babe Ruth in background

Part five introduces a new generation of players on BASEBALL from Ken Burns – April 13 at 9 pm

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Ken Burns  BASEBALL  Continues

Thursday, April 13 at 9:00 pm


Part Five airs April 13 at 9 pm

“Shadow Ball”


Ted Williams and Joe DiMaggio in the locker room 1941
Original Caption: 7/9/41-Detroit, Michigan: Ted Williams of the Boston Red Sox (left) and Joe DiMaggio, Yankee stalwart, rest their feet after yesterday’s hair-raising All-Star Game in Briggs Stadium. Williams gave the game a De Mille finish by blasting out a homer in the last inning with two on and two out.



The fifth “inning” of Ken Burns’s film BASEBALL looks at baseball’s desperate attempts to survive the Great Depression and Babe Ruth’s fading career, while a new generation of stars, including Joe DiMaggio and Ted Williams, is on the rise.

It also presents the parallel world of the Negro Leagues, which thrived in the shadow of the Major Leagues. The inning culminates with the greatest showdown in the history of the Negro Leagues: Satchel Paige, arguably the best pitcher ever, against Josh Gibson, “the black Babe Ruth,” in the Negro League World Series.