WOUB Sports student receives Larry and JoAnn Katz Family Scholarship

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Parker Kopronica is double majoring in news and information and media arts production

ATHENS, OH – When Freshman Parker Kopronica found out that he was selected as the recipient this year of the Larry and JoAnn Katz Family Scholarship, he wasn’t surprised at all that the scholarship was created by a former WOUB student who wanted to pay it forward.

“What I’ve noticed through some of the events we’ve had while I’ve been working at WOUB is that former WOUB students have a deep connection to the program,” said Kopronica. “Alumni don’t just go through the WOUB program, pay their dues and leave. Everybody wants to come back to be a mentor and be a part of it. It’s so great to have those connections to former WOUBers in the media industry.”

Larry Katz Headshot
Larry Katz

The Larry and JoAnn Katz Family Scholarship was established by Larry Katz and his wife and is awarded to a student with involvement in WOUB, especially in athletic programming. Larry Katz worked at WOUB as a student and graduated in 1977. He has lived in New Orleans since then. Katz spent the first part of his work career in the apparel business and 27 years ago changed directions to develop and grow a chain of local breakfast diners, called Dots Diner.  He met his wife, JoAnn, while both were students at Ohio University.

“I’m so appreciative that Larry Katz wanted to connect with and support current WOUB students through this scholarship,” said Kopronica.

Kopronica, who is double majoring in news and information and media arts production, grew up in Lorain, Ohio and chose Ohio University after visiting the WOUB studios on a campus tour. He stayed to watch an episode of WOUB’s nightly-half hour news program, NewsWatch, that is professionally managed but produced and anchored by students.

“That’s when I really fell in love with Ohio University,” said Kopronica. “I was able to see all that students were able to do here.”

Kopronica started working at WOUB as soon as he arrived on campus. He quickly became part of the staff on WOUB’s weekly high school football program, Gridiron Glory.

“I helped to start a Gridiron Glory podcast and then started assistant producing for WOUB’s high school basketball program, Hardwood Heroes,” ‘said Kopronica. “I also have done some work for The Bobcat Sports Showcase and NewsWatch.”

Kopronica says the hands-on experience he has gotten at WOUB has helped him realize that even though he enjoys writing and sports reporting, he thinks he really wants to become a sports producer when he graduates. And Kopronica says, thanks to the Larry and JoAnn Katz Family Scholarship, he’ll be able to focus on learning all he can while in school and at WOUB, rather than worrying about how he is going to pay his tuition.

“It’s awesome. It helps out so much,” said Kopronica. “Coming out of high school, I had received several one-year scholarships that I don’t have going into next school year. This really covers the gap and takes a lot of pressure off of me. I appreciate it so much.”