Sunday’s mysteries continue! “The Peaceful Garden, Part 2” on RIDLEY, and “Uniform” on ENDEAVOUR on MASTERPIECE – June 25

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Three Detectives, two in protective gear marking off locations in a forest
Georgie Glen as Dr. Wendy Newstone; Bronagh Waugh as DI Carol Farman

“The Peaceful Garden, Part 2”

Sunday, June 25 at 8 pm


Ridley always suspected the initial investigation into the unsolved case was flawed, and that the wrong man was tried for Hannah Lindsay’s abduction. As they delve deeper, the discovery of another body leads to a shocking secret.




Endeavour on Masterpiece


Sunday, June 25 at 9 pm

A gang of entitled college students runs riot. But are they behind a rash of lethal mayhem? Morse makes a date with Joan, then starts digging up an old crime scene.