7.5 million Baby Shark bath toys have been recalled after causing puncture wounds

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WASHINGTON (NPR) — About 7.5 million Baby Shark bath toys were recalled Thursday, as they have caused lacerations, impalements and puncture wounds to some children.

Package of the mini version of the Baby Shark bath toys being recalled after children were injured.The Robo Alive Junior Baby Shark Sing and Swim bath toys, as well as the Mini Baby Shark Swimming bath toys, were recalled after 12 children were injured after falling or sitting on the full-size versions. Nine of them had to receive stitches or other medical attention. No injuries have been associated with the mini toys, the ​​U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission said.

The full-size toy sings and swims when placed in the water, while the mini version only swims. Both products have a hard, plastic fin on the top and are available in pink, yellow and blue.

The parent company, Zuru, recalled 6.5 million of the full-size bath toys, which can be identified with model number 25282 and date codes ranging from May 1, 2019 to Jun 19, 2022, which are formatted with “DG” followed by “YYYY/MM/DD.”

One million of the mini sharks – which have been sold individually, in packs of two and three and in the Baby Shark Music Water Park playset – have been recalled. They have the model numbers 7163, 7175, 7166 or 25291, and date codes ranging from June 15, 2020 to May 25, 2023.

Consumers should stop using these toys immediately, mark them as recalled with a permanent marker and apply for a refund, the CPSC said.

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