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Gather one last time with the final three cooks for the finale of THE GREAT AMERICAN RECIPE – August 7 at 9 pm

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The Great American Recipe

Season 2 Finale


It’s time for the season finale as the three remaining cooks go head-to-head to win “The Great American Recipe.” They’ll have some surprise along the way in their final chance to wow the judges with a very special dinner.

the four judges for Great American recipe season two
Judges for Season Two of The Great American Recipe: Leah Cohen, Graham Elliot, Tiffany Derry, and Alejandra Ramos.

In the first round, the cooks have 60 minutes to prepare a recipe inspired by someone they love to cook with in the kitchen. In the final round, the cooks have three hours to prepare both an entrée and a dessert that best represents their Great American Recipe. Plus, some surprise guests arrive to help them with their final dishes. In the end, one cook will be named the winner and have one of their winning recipes featured on the cover of The Great American Recipe cookbook.

Who will be named the winner?