Phil Hammond and Maria McErlane leaning against antique cars. Phil's arm around Maria.

Finding the inspiration for ‘Sherlock Holmes’ on CELEBRITY ANTIQUES ROAD TRIP – September 9 at 9 pm

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Celebrity Antiques Road Trip

Saturday, September 9 at 9 pm



Celebrity Antiques Road Trip logo (See through earth over country road)Traveling in vintage cars and accompanied by experts, celebrities traverse Great Britain looking for the most interesting, unique and valuable treasures.

Tonight, comedians Phil Hammond and Maria McErlane’s antique adventure takes them through Cheshire, Lancashire and Wales. Helped by experts Margie Cooper and Phil Serrell, both take charge of the shopping.

Phil comes face-to-face with the inspiration for ‘Sherlock Holmes,’ and Maria hears how a beautiful well in Flintshire has been credited with healing powers for over 700 years.