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Jalyssa Eliasen took the skills she learned at Ohio University and WOUB to Twitch

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The broadcast journalism major graduated from Ohio University in 2011

ATHENS, OH – When Jalyssa Eliasen graduated from Ohio University in June of 2011, the video live streaming service, Twitch, was just getting off the ground in beta testing. Now, 12 years later, the platform has grown in popularity as the place for video game live streaming with over 30 million daily visitors, and Eliasen is a part of it as a producer working on Twitch’s Creative team.

“My job is to work with our creative teams to scope, plan, and execute projects ranging from asset updates to full scale campaigns,” said Eliasen. “I supervise creative for product, brand identity, and marketing campaigns.”

While Twitch is most well-known for its video game live streaming, which includes broadcasts of esports competitions, the platform also offers music broadcasts, creative content, and “in real life” streams. It’s not the kind of place Eliasen thought she would end up when she started in journalism school at Ohio University, but it all makes sense to her now.

“There were certain aspects of journalism I gravitated toward and other parts I didn’t. Local politics and government didn’t interest me as much,” said Eliasen. “What did interest me was human interest stories. I liked taking somebody’s experience and creating a story around it. I also loved entertainment. I always watched films and studied them. I was a film minor. I loved being creative with my storytelling.”

Eliasen grew up in Cincinnati and didn’t really consider coming to Ohio University until she was offered the John Newton Templeton Scholarship. The four-year full ride scholarship opportunity was something Eliasen couldn’t pass up.

“We took a tour of campus. I loved the environment,” said Eliasen. “I could envision myself there. I loved the brick, the trees and the history. It left an impression and was one of best decisions I’ve ever made.”

Eliasen got involved at WOUB both inside and outside of the classroom. She took classes where she was doing work for WOUB and also volunteered her time at the station. Eliasen started working on WOUB radio and then worked her way to television doing on-air work for WOUB’s nightly news program, NewsWatch.

“My memories of WOUB are so intermixed with my school experience because I don’t see them as separate. WOUB is so crucial to the student experience there,” said Eliasen. “I also stayed in Athens one summer and worked at WOUB. It was a great experience.”

After graduation, Eliasen moved to Los Angeles to see what kind of jobs she could find in the entertainment industry. She worked as a production assistant intern at Cosmic Toast Studios, a tour guide at Warner Bros., as well as a page and digital assistant at NBC Universal, before landing a job as a branded project coordinator at BuzzFeed.

“The job at BuzzFeed really helped me figure out what I wanted to do,” said Eliasen. “I enjoyed creative producing and making branded content. I really loved being able to learn a little bit about a lot of things and tell stories.”

After BuzzFeed, one of the places Eliasen worked was Netflix, as a growth operations creative coordinator. In that role, Eliasen supported the creation of banner ads geared toward measuring audience acquisition and retention. Now at Twitch, she is taking that knowledge and pairing it with her love of creative storytelling. Eliasen said it all goes back to the foundation she got at Ohio University and WOUB.

“At WOUB, you get professional experience for sure and then making that transition from school to a career environment is just easier. You already understand the dynamics in media and the problems you are trying to solve because you learned them in real time. You become scrappy trying to find solutions and develop critical thinking skills,” said Eliasen. “Ohio University was a wonderful environment for personal growth. There’s something special about OHIO. I learned to work with integrity. I am reliable and dependable and those are characteristics that come out of WOUB and the journalism school.”