Ace Nation: Trimble sweeps Belpre in strong offensive performance

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Glouster, Ohio (WOUB)—  The Trimble Tomcats hosted the Belpre Golden Eagles on Thursday. Trimble won five of their last six matchups and faced a hungry Belpre team looking for their first victory. Despite both teams going in different trajectories leading up to the game, they looked eager to make a statement to the rest of the conference.  

After a slow start to the first set, with both teams trying to figure each other out, Trimble gained the upper hand. Senior Katelyn Coey picked up three aces in a service run to put Trimble ahead 12-4. After that, Belpre gathered themselves on serve receive to generate some offense. Makayla Carmichael brought the pressure in the first set and picked up a kill for the Golden Eagles, but it wasn’t enough for the first set victory. Tomcat senior setter Brandis Bickley was able to move the ball all around the front row,  helping Trimble take the first set 25-14. 

As the second set began, the Tomcats pounced on the Golden Eagles starting the set on a 7-1 run. What looked like a comfortable second set victory for Trimble turned into a back-and-forth affair when Belpre came dangerously close to completing a comeback. After that initial run, the Tomcats looked sloppy and made some hitting mistakes that gave Belpre the advantage. The Golden Eagles played smarter and more disciplined volleyball and outlasted Trimble throughout the set. Golden Eagles Haley Alloway and Gracie Bills both lifted the momentum , opening up the Belpre attack. Despite this, the Tomcats would ultimately take the second set 25-22.  

High school volleyball: Trimble hosted Belpre in a conference matchup. Trimble hitter Faith Handley digs for a hit from Belpre.
Trimble hitter Faith Handley digs for a hit from Belpre. Photo Credit: Santana Hiatt

Trimble regained control of the game by playing their style of volleyball opening the third set. The Tomcats relied heavily on their offensive firepower as they picked up 10 kills in set three and 26 in total on the night. Faith Handley and Addie Post both shined, but Katelyn Coey was the main star for Trimble with 12 kills just on her own.  

Coey talked about the chemistry between her and Brandis Bickley on the court. “The connection is really good. We played together since we were little,” said Coey. “I put my trust in Brandis as a setter and she puts her trust in me as a hitter.”  

The Trimble Tomcat volleyball team celebrates a victory over the Belpre Golden Eagles
Tomcats celebrate victory over the Golden Eagles. Photo Credit: Santana Hiatt

The Trimble Tomcats will look to take this momentum into their Saturday matchup against undefeated South Webster as the Belpre Golden Eagles look to pick up a win at Jackson this weekend.