Ace Nation: Errors plague Trimble against Buckeye victory

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NELSONVILLE, Ohio (WOUB) — The Trimble Tomcats made the short journey to Nelsonville on Saturday, for high-stakes out of conference matchup with the Buckeyes.  

Nelsonville-York suffered their second loss of the season against Logan prior to their match against the Tomcats. That Logan loss marked the end of a 13-game winning streak, but the Buckeyes were hungry for a new win streak with a victory over Trimble.  

“They were begging to have practice,” said Nelsonville-York head coach Wayne Dicken. “I tried to give them Friday off, it was homecoming, and they wanted to come in.”  

Girls Volleyball: Nelsonville-York's Gianna Dixon goes up for a kill with two Trimble Tomcats hoping to block
Buckeye Gianna Dixon goes up for a kill

Trimble won their last match against the Waterford Wildcats and with that being their second win in a row, they were hoping to go on a three-game winning streak.  

The first set was close throughout, with both teams introducing the theme of errors early on. Nelsonville-York had a few sprinkled throughout the first set, but more notably were the Tomcats three errors to close out the set. The Buckeyes won the first 25-17.  

In the second set, both teams began to play with more intensity. However, there was still a theme of error. Trimble had nine errors in the second, while Nelsonville-York had six, which is 15 total points in errors in just one set. The set moved quickly due to the aggressive attack from both front lines. Senior outside hitter Katelynn Coey led the attack for the Tomcats and Chloe Lehman did the same for the Buckeyes. The fast-paced match and game were an effect of the attacks, but it was also because there weren’t many rallies throughout the afternoon.  

“We really just try to put the ball down, you know pass, set, hit on the first one and not let them get the ball back over,” said Nelsonville-York setter Megan Booth.  

The ‘ pass, set, hit,’ strategy proved to be an effective way to close out the second set and the Buckeyes won the second 25-21.  

The Tomcats may have been down two sets going into the third, but they were ready to steal one. They stayed hot on Nelsonville-York throughout the set and took their first lead since the opening set halfway through the third. An error by Lehman and an ace by Addison Post allowed the Tomcats to go up by three.

The Buckeyes had an opportunity to tie it back up after two Tomcat errors. The Buckeyes then turned on the heat with spikes from Kyleigh Warren and Gianna Dixon. After Nelsonville-York took the lead, Trimble was seemingly plagued by errors putting them down by six. The Tomcats never recovered from the deficit, and the Buckeyes pulled out the win 25-20 and 3-0.  

Next Monday the Trimble will travel to Canal Winchester and on Tuesday Nelsonville-York will host Wellston.