Hamilton Township continues undefeated season in win over Bloom-Carroll

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OBETZ, Ohio (WOUB) –Friday’s MSL Buckeye matchup between Bloom-Carroll and Hamilton Township was hyped up as one of the conference’s most crucial games of the year, as the winner would take at least a share of the conference title. 

Games hyped up like this hope to produce big plays and these teams delivered tonight.

The first quarter started off with a bang as Ethan Thanthanavong connected with Jayse Rockwood and who took it 68 yards to connect with the end zone, as the Bulldogs would take the first lead of the day.

The lead would be short lived however, as the Rangers’ Nadir Langston would start his massive day off with the first of his three touchdowns coming from just a yard out.

With two scores early in the first, the teams knew they’d need to score a decent amount to have a chance at victory. No one recognized this more than Dylan Armentrout, who took off down the field 67 yards to the endzone to give the Bulldogs another first quarter advantage.

Back and forth it would go again, with the Bulldogs stringing together a beautiful drive to tie it up nearing the end of the first quarter.  

If the first was high-flying, the second was the opposite with no points in the majority of the 12 minutes. Towards the end of the slow moving second the Hamilton Township offense got itself moving, driving and taking a 21-14 lead going into half.  

The Rangers got the ball to begin the second half and they would be stopped, the Bulldogs keeping it within one possession early in the third.

They wouldn’t be able to tie the game up after a punt, as they’d have to wait until they got it again. Brodyn Bishop would propel the Bulldogs to 21 points on a 22-yard run over two-thirds of the way through the game.

Nadir Langston wouldn’t leave this game locked up in a tie, and had his final touchdown pushing them to 28 points with 2:30 left in the third quarter. 

As we entered this game’s final frame Dylan Armentrout would make sure not to be forgotten as the Bulldog quarterback would punch it in and knot this game up with 6:11 left to play.

The Rangers, with an undefeated season on the line, moved the ball and kill the clock over the next 5:21 to bring it into Bloom-Carroll territory and hit a go-ahead field goal with 50 seconds left.

No one in the stadium believed that Bloom-Caroll was out of this game, even with it so late in the fourth. They’d prove their believers correct, at least to start the drive, as they’d drive down the field into what was manageable game tying field goal position.

Trying to make the field goal a guarantee however, they’d opt for a pass with just under 10 seconds left but would be sacked to push the field goal attempt to 42 yards.

Leg power wasn’t a problem on this one, but the accuracy on such a deep field goal proved to be faulty. The kick sailed wide left, and Hamilton Township went crazy.

The Bulldogs got their second loss this season, but having already clinched a playoff spot, they won’t have that to worry about as they play for redemption vs struggling Circleville.

The undefeated Rangers clinched at least a share of the MSL title, with an opportunity to claim sole possession of the conference coming in week 10 against a one-loss Logan Elm program in another MSL heavyweight bout.