Waterford comes from behind to take down undefeated Beaver Eastern

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BEAVER, Oh (WOUB)– Going into this game Beaver Eastern was undefeated throughout their season, however Waterford came in with 4 losses.

The Eagles got the ball to start the game and QB Dylan Morton handed it off plenty of times to Landyn Reinsmith, as the Wildcats learned he would be a force to be reckoned with throughout the whole game. Reinsmith was the one who put the Eagles on the board first, scoring the first touchdown.  

The Eagles then barely got down the field, and ended up turning the ball over on 4th and short.  

After that, Jones went off. He kept the long throws going all game long, but the Wildcats were unable to score.

The Eagles took themselves all the way to the second quarter and eventually got a touchdown as Jace White rattled off a 70-yard run. The extra point was good, and Beaver Eastern led 14-6. 

Waterford got the ball back but were unable to show up on that side of that ball. The final play was deflected by Braylon Lamerson, thereupon forcing them to punt the ball. 

Eventually the Eagles got the ball back and ended up getting multiple flags. This led them nowhere and ended up punting, giving the Wildcats another chance. 

Wildcats QB Hayden Jones made an incredible play and hit Cayden McDougle for a touchdown. Waterford ended up failing the 2pt conversion, 12-14 Eagles.

After this score,  neither team would score again until the third quarter. Heading into the third the Eagles put up another touchdown, pushing them right into the driver’s seat.  

But following that the Wildcats did not take that lightly, scoring two touchdowns in the fourth with only a few minutes to spare. Waterford scored these two touchdowns and this led to them winning the game, after being down for mainly the whole game. 

Waterford will take on Caldwell next week in a high stakes matchup.