The Eagles swoop in and cage Bulldogs

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ASHEVILLE, Ohio (WOUB)- In the second half, the Eagles flip the game and finish off the night with a huge win. 

This was a big game, as whoever wins will advance to the Regional Final.

The Bloom-Carroll Bulldogs started this game out strong. With five minutes left in the first quarter, the ball is on Bishop Watterson’s one yard line. Wide receiver Brodyn Bishop dove into the endzone for a one yard rushing touchdown. This sent the Bulldogs crowd into a frenzy. To follow that touchdown, kicker Treyton Mckee kicked the ball right where it needed to be and scored a field goal. With a minute left in the first quarter number seven Dylan Armentrout had a long run with Bloom Carroll having had the ball on their own 49-yard line. Then the Bishop Watterson Eagles swooped in with Dominic Purcell getting a tackle for loss.  

Moving into the second quarter, the Bulldogs had the ball on the Eagles 14 yard line and were able to move it up to the eight yard line. Kicker Treyton Mckee did it again and was able to score a 28-yard field goal. This put the score at Bloom-Carroll 10-0. The Eagles could not stand the thought of this being the score going into halftime. With under a minute left in the second quarter the Eagles had the ball on the Bulldogs second yard line and number five Christopher Bair completed a pass to score Bishop Watterson’s first touchdown of the game. This gave the Eagles the fire they needed moving into halftime.  

Coming back from halftime, it was a back-and-forth game. With a lot of heart being put onto the field this game would come down to one thing, who wanted to win more. With one minute left in the third quarter the Eagles had the ball on the Bulldogs 15-yard line. Noah Thomas completed a pass and scored the second touchdown for the Eagles. With Rudy Kessinger completing the field goal to put Watterson ahead of Bloom-Carroll. This was the turning point of the game to which the Bulldogs could not recover.  

Going into the fourth quarter with nine minutes left, Ryan Rudzinski completed a pass for a third Bishop Watterson touchdown. However, the Eagles failed their two-point conversion. This left Bishop Watterson up 20-10. In the next eight minutes you would see nothing but the Bulldogs putting their all on the line and playing with nothing but heart. In the end it simply was not enough. The Eagles were soaring on cloud nine and were not letting go of this win.  

 The game concludes with an Eagles win as they continue onto regional finals.