An amateur archaeologist searches for what really happened to his two nephews in “The Princes in the Tower” on SECRETS OF THE DEAD – Nov. 22 at 10 pm

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Wednesday, November 22 at 10 pm


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Find out if one of history’s greatest cold cases—the imprisonment of two princes in the Tower of London—can finally be solved. Their disappearance led to centuries of mystery and speculation. Were the boys murdered by their uncle, the notorious King Richard III? Or was it a massive conspiracy to hide the truth?

The Princes in the Tower were Edward V and Richard, Duke of York – the sons of King Edward IV, who died suddenly in 1483. After Edward’s death, the princes’ uncle was crowned King Richard III, and the boys were sent to live at the Tower of London. However, they disappeared in the autumn of 1483, and legend has it they were killed on Richard’s orders. But investigators have other theories…