Discover the secrets behind some of the most iconic works in “HOPPER: An American Love Story” on AMERICAN MASTERS – Jan. 2 at 9 pm

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“HOPPER: An American Love Story”

on American Masters

Tuesday, January 2 at 9:00 pm


Painging of Edward Hopper, Cape Cod Evening, 1939. Man sitting on stoop, wife nearby against house. Collie dog knee deep in grasses
Edward Hopper, Cape Cod Evening, 1939.
Credit: NGA Washington Open Access

Hopper’s work is the most recognizable art in America – popular, praised, and mysterious. Countless painters, photographers, filmmakers and musicians have been influenced by his art – but who was he, and how did a struggling illustrator create such a bounty of notable work?

This new film takes a deep look into Hopper’s art, his life, and his relationships. From his early career as an illustrator; his wife giving up her own promising art career to be his manager; his critical and commercial acclaim; and in his own words – this film explores the enigmatic personality behind the brush.

Combined with expert interviews, diaries and a startling visual reflection of American life, Hopper: An American love story brings to life America’s arguably most influential artist.