Caesar (Andonis Anthony) holds scroll with evil/happy smile on his face. Dark senate background Credit: Richard Pearson; BBC Studios

A handful of senators plot to end his rule in the only way they can in “The Ides of March” on JULIUS CAESAR: THE MAKING OF A DICTATOR – April 16 at 9 pm

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Tuesday, April 16 at 9:00 pm and Streaming on and the PBS App

Finale of Series that Explores Julius Caesar’s Rise to Power and The Destruction of Roman Democracy


In drama about JULIUS CAESAR, Cato (Orlando Brooke) is in crowd looking concerned at what a speaker is saying
Cato (Orlando Brooke) in crowd looking concerned
Credit: Richard Pearson; BBC Studios

JULIUS CAESAR: THE MAKING OF A DICTATOR is a new three-part BBC-produced historical docudrama that explores how the nearly five-centuries-old Roman democracy was overthrown in just 16 years. The story of a brazen power grab that saw Julius Caesar consolidate the vast Roman Republic in his own hands, the series is told through the eyes of an expert cast of British and American historians, scholars, and political operatives (including a former head of MI5). Illustrated with artful dramatic moments and packed with contemporary resonances, JULIUS CAESAR has all the elements of the best political thrillers, with complex power dynamics playing out for enormous stakes. The series premieres on three consecutive Tuesdays, April 2–April 16, 2024, 9:00-10:00 p.m. on PBS, and the PBS App.

Episode 3: “Ides of March” (April 16, 2024 at 9:00pm)
As Caesar takes control of Rome and consolidates his grip over the Republic, he awards himself ever-greater powers. Appointed dictator for one year to restore peace, he soon extends this to ten years and then becomes “Dictator for Life.” His ambition turned to tyranny, Caesar has become untouchable, and Rome is now essentially a dictatorship. A handful of senators, including some of his closest allies, plot to end his rule in the only way they can: by taking his life. But will that be enough to save the Republic?