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Support WOUB during Public Media Giving Days 2024

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May 1 and 2

To get WOUB’s Public Media Giving Days started off strong, you can give early here:

ATHENS, OH – Public Media Giving Days, a nationwide event asking viewers, listeners, members, music lovers, journalism aficionados, educators and fans to take a stand in solidarity behind their local public media outlet, returns for its second year on May 1 and 2. WOUB Public Media will be taking part with a pledge drive on WOUB FM and messages from nationally-known journalists, musicians, documentarians, actors and educators being broadcast on WOUB TV.

“Because it is a nationwide event, Public Media Giving Days is a wonderful opportunity to create greater awareness about the value WOUB brings to our community and welcome new people into the WOUB family,” said WOUB General Manager Mark Brewer.

On Wednesday, May 1st, WOUB will be asking people to donate as an acknowledgement of all the good things public media brings into their lives. Then on May 2, WOUB will ask those who have already contributed to advocate in their community by sharing their public media stories, either on social media or by texting or emailing a friend, to encourage others to donate as well.

“Public Media Giving Days will help power the programs you love that enhance understanding, broaden perspectives, and share journeys of discovery for every community in our region,” said Brewer. “Public media is a fixture in communities across the country, bringing educational content, reliable journalism and entertaining television to all and individual donors enable WOUB to maintain the independence that is key to our public service mission.”

To get WOUB’s Public Media Giving Days started off strong, you can give early here: