Muskingum County Marijuana Grower Sentenced

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A man described as responsible for recruiting individuals to harvest and cultivate thousands of marijuana plants in eastern Ohio has been sentenced to two years in

Jose Vilchiz-Garcia, sentenced Wednesday in federal court in Dayton, was one of 11 men arrested last September as authorities discovered the marijuana in rural Muskingum County.

The attorney general's office has said the operation was an example of Mexican cartel-sponsored drug production.

Authorities say Vilchiz Garcia, 28,  also directed the purchase of supplies for the operation.

A final defendant, Daniel Zarco-Aguilar, 27, received a 20-month sentence Wednesday.

Both pleaded guilty to conspiracy to knowingly and intentionally manufacturing more than 1,000 marijuana plants.

A message was left with Vilchiz-Garcia's attorney, while Zarco-Aguilar's lawyer declined to comment.