WOUB Center for Public Media Embraces Change

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Change is often uncomfortable but it is so necessary.

Often, we get set in our ways. We get used to old habits and familiar routines. We go through life on automatic pilot and without much thought. Sometimes, we even avoid change because it’s just flat-out scary for us.

However, there are times when we must alter the way we do things to keep current– whether it is personally or professionally. How we adapt to those changes marks our character as people and as a society.

This applies to us here at the WOUB Center for Public Media. Over the past few years, we have provided high quality products for our various audiences. But, the media landscape has changed dramatically and we are changing to stay abreast.

Consumers of media rely more and more on the internet for information and entertainment.

We don’t watch television in the same manner as we used to and we don’t listen to radio in the same way either. Social media was a term that most of us had never heard of five years ago. “Facebook” was not part of our regular vocabulary and a “Tweet” was a bird call.

Now, Facebook is a critical part of our vernacular and “tweeting” is the first-line of information delivery for a large portion of our audience.
Some of the people who go to our website at woub.org never watch WOUB-TV or listen to WOUB radio.

To be a true Center for Public Media in the 21st century, we have had to embrace change. You’ll notice that our website is new and improved. It is dynamic and ever-changing. It is full of text and visuals. It is replete with video clips and audio interviews.

And, the site constantly changes to bring you the most up-to-date information on demand. No longer do you have to wait until 5:30 to watch NewsWatch as your only source of regional news. No longer do you have to wait for the next radio newscast. News, sports, and music and arts information is at your fingertips 24/7 at woub.org.

The new website also provides you with opportunities to comment – to talk with us – to share your thoughts, ideas, and opinions. News and information delivery is no longer a one-way street. Instead, news is now a conversation between WOUB (the media provider) and you (the media consumer).
And, you can tailor your information delivery to meet your needs. You can get it through Facebook at our page “WOUB Public Media” or you can sign up for our various Twitter accounts @woub, @woubnews, @woubmusic and @thodson.

Our new website and our new emphasis on social media are just two of the many changes here at WOUB that we will share with you over the next few weeks. As we used to say, “stay tuned for later developments.”

Amidst all the changes, however, one thing has not changed. We have an unflinching commitment to bringing you the highest quality products possible. We want to be YOUR news source for local and regional news, sports, and culture.

We want to be YOUR “go-to” site for all information pertinent to living in our region. Bookmark us. Make us your homepage. And, return to us several times every day.

We are changing to meet your needs. Stay with us.