WOUB Public Media Announces Leadership Structural Changes

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WOUB Public Media has changed structural leadership to meet its expansion needs.  Mark Brewer has been named general manager and Tom Hodson will act as director.

brewerBrewer, most recently serving as WOUB’s chief operating officer, will now manage day-to-day operations of WOUB, personnel and budgets. He will also represent WOUB on the state and federal level.

Hodson, formerly the director and general manager, will continue the duties of director – which will include working with the Barbara Geralds Storytelling Institute, other academic units and working on partnerships and special projects involving WOUB Public Media. He also will manage future WOUB innovations, including its partnerships with Immersive Media and with other departments at Ohio University.

Mark Brewer

Both Hodson and Brewer will collaborate on major decisions and charting short term and long term directions for WOUB Public Media.

Brewer has worked with public media for 30 years, including stations in Texas and Minnesota. He came to WOUB in 1999 as the television program and outreach manager.

Brewer says the change will help to streamline new adventures in media and focus attention on projects for both Hodson and Brewer.

He’s excited to serve at this level and represent WOUB Public Media.

“Our goal is to continue to develop new programs, maintain excellence in student training and content development while moving into new and developing platforms,” Brewer said.