OU Students Need To Ask Questions To Make Semester Transition Smooth

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With the 2011-2012 school year being the last year for quarters at Ohio University, current students need to start learning about the transition from quarters to semesters.

Dean of Students Ryan Lombardi says students should ask questions regarding the switch.   

"First and foremost, they should go talk to their academic advisor. Our advisors have spent a lot of time training and preparing, as well as our academic colleges for this transition. They are ready to have more one on one time with our students, so they should definitely check in with them," says Lombardi.

OU officials have said that students will still be able to complete their degrees in four years with the quarters to semesters transition.

OU has been working on the quarters to semesters transition for about three years.     

The transition started when the Ohio Board of Regents requested all state schools use the same schedule and OU was one of the last hold outs in the state.