Athens County Republican Party Chair Questions Obama Jobs Plan

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The head of the Athens County republican party wants to know where the money is coming from to pay for President Obama's new job creation plan.

This on the heals of Obama's trip to Columbus.

Obama spoke yesterday at Fort Hayes High School.

With a price tag of nearly $450 billion dollars, the President is urging Congress to quickly pass his jobs proposal and says there is no reason why Congress would wait.

Chairman of the Athens County Republicans Pete Couladis says he believes Obama's plan hinges on taxing the rich and that isn't the way to create jobs.

"Now the numbers I don't think are there and I haven't seen anything since this plan was announced that shows that it's paid for. Again it's more rhetoric; let's tax rich people and corporations because a lot of people don't like successful people. They don't like businesses. They don't like corporations and they think that's going to solve their problem," says Couladis.

Couladis says it will be hard for the President to find supporters in Ohio because his approval numbers aren't good here.

President Obama urged the crowd at Fort Hayes to contact their local politicians to get his jobs proposal passed.

The President is in North Carolina today.