OU Trying To Improve Internet Connection

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The Internet connection speed at Ohio University can be a headache for students, and those logging on may see some improvements soon.

Ohio University’s Office of Information Technology is ahead of schedule in a plan that will bring larger bandwidth to the university’s Internet connection. The plan will help the university deal with the amount of Internet traffic, which is often slowed down because of streaming sites like Netflix.

In the meantime there are some steps Internet users can make to improve connection speeds.

  • Plugging a computer into an ethernet oulet may improve connection speed.
  • If an ethernet cable isn’t an option, restarting the computer to reset the wireless card may help.
  • If the login screen is not available, but the computer is connected to the university’s wireless, call the OIT Department at 740-593-1222.
  • Those encountering constant problems with the dorm room internet can put in a work request with the OIT Department on their website.

While the plan is scheduled to reach full implementation in 2013, OIT believes students will see  faster Internet connections in the near future.